Talk:List of works by Franz Abt

OCR (or Saumfelder)

Also, some works by Abt may appear in the Holloway listings under different names (just as Baumfelder, when picked up by an scanner and translated by an OCR program, appears at least once as "Saumfelder". What surprises me is hardly that this happens- I've used OCR software - but that it happened so very rarely in compiling the Hofmeister/Holloway U. database. But still , there are a few common sense caveats that really need to be followed... anyhow, I'm looking up "variants" (sensible or otherwise) of Abt in composersAll_simple.xls. (Another common-sense caveat is that since the search engine does not pick up a line unless both search terms are on the same line more or less, if Abt is on one line and op.172 is lower in the paragraph under it, you've missed op.172 unless you look at the transcription or the facsimile- your only hint that it might be there is that Abt is at the top, so that it appears in the hitlist (unless it was itself misread, viz. Saumfelder.) Eric 18:11, 5 December 2011 (UTC)

Late-life English-language cantatas

I wonder if these are new works or adaptations to new words by Oxenford of music from other works. Absent the Novello scores (which are at various libraries, I just haven't seen them) and also absent sufficiently comprehensive knowledge of Abt's output to recognize sources of a compilation, I don't know, though a biography reporting correspondence and collaboration between him and Oxenford, just as there are manuscripts of correspondence between Abt and Wagner (and reports of his friendship? acquaintance? with Liszt) for example, would clarify some! Eric 00:28, 6 December 2011 (UTC) (Correspondence with Wagner: auction listing of letter re performing rights of Tannhauser, 1861, see here.)


to answer a question I asked in a marginal comment within the text :), "8" in a Hofmeister line (as in, Reissiger's " 4 Lieder f. Bass (od. Alt). Op. 168. 8" also appears as "8vo", that is, a score published in "ottavo" format. Eric 01:09, 7 December 2011 (UTC)