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What to do when identification problems arise again

(not for the first time... consider "Jos. Raff" who could be Joseph Joachim Raff or Joseph Kaspar Raff, etc.) ... here, in HMB, Radecke, R. could be Rudolf or Robert Radecke. Sometimes HMB is more specific (Radecke, Rob., Radecke, Robert, Radecke, Rud., Radecke, Rudolf). Good idea to go through the list perhaps... HMB gives a definite-ish Robert Radecke identification (though this does -not- mean his name was spelled out in full on the score in all cases- they too may have been guessing toward Robert (1830–1911) or Rudolf, though I don't know why). Dating can help also (if Rudolf Radecke, 1829–1893, is known not to have been composing music until such-and-so, then opus 4 is definitely by Robert, for example.) ... actually - Rudolf's opus 1 seems to be from July 1854 (it's the R. Radecke that isn't the same as Rob. Radecke's opus 1); opus 2 by "Radecke, Rud." is from January 1858 (2 Nachtstücke); music earlier than July 1854 is most probably by Robert Radecke, come to think of, not by Rudolf, by this reasoning. so opus 3 and 4 by "Radecke, R." in HMB, from 1852 are probably by Robert Radecke. Will reinstate. Other works later that scores only attribute to "R. Radecke" may be in question until a comparative timeline is established though... Eric 16:57, 6 April 2011 (UTC) Note re Rudolf and Robert- according to Wikipedia-de, Rudolf was Robert's older brother.