Talk:Méthode pour la musette, Op.10 (Hotteterre, Jacques)

Dear Steltz: I see you have changed Traverso to Flute. I use "Traverso" so that players of the Baroque flute can search and find scores dedicated to their instrument. I've had a similar discussion regarding a Bach transcription I did, and Traverso was re-instated. Please let me know what you think. Regards Shafflein

I'm not Steltz, but I am responsible for our categorization system, which tries to ensure that instruments are identified in the same way throughout the site. Because the flauto traverso is not always distinguished in scores from a standard flute, they are grouped together under "flute" for the purposes of our labelling system. However, it is possible for people to narrow down the list of scores featuring the flute to those from the baroque period, which are more likely to be traverso. The categories are derived automatically from the arrangement heading, but I will leave in a note that can be picked up by anyone searching for the term "traverso" — P.davydov 14:57, 31 October 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for the clarification. I have tried including traverso in the arrangement heading/title, but this was also edited out by a moderator. I am happy enough with your solution, but is there any way I can have this done for other scores I upload? In general terms, a move towards incorporating the term traverso more generally would seem useful - even correct. Regards Shafflein