Talk:Piano Concerto, Op.10 or Op.15 (Sgambati, Giovanni)

Second ed. for 2 pianos lacks last movement.

Just a note to point out that the second edition here for 2 pianos (labelled "Alternative scan") is lacking the third movement - only the first two are included.

Since there is another 2-piano version here which is complete, maybe it doesn't matter a lot; but I just thought I'd point this out, in case anyone wants to correct it.

It's good to see so many long-forgotten but worthwhile pieces appearing on this site, giving them at least a chance of being revived again. So much good music has been almost lost over the decades, victims of the lottery of history which decides (on grounds which are not always clear) which works remain well-known and which ones (probably the majority) are forgotten. M.J.E. 12:31, 21 September 2010 (UTC)

I agree. The Sgambati has been (deservedly- I've heard it a few times) fortunate as it's been recorded a few times (once on an LP that's since made it to CD with I think Jorge Bolet as pianist?, and another time more recently with Caramiello, pf on ASV, with a third, live recording available too- but all may be out of print), but still not at _all_ well known yet. Eric 12:57, 21 September 2010 (UTC)