Talk:Piano Trio No.1, Op.49 (Mendelssohn, Felix)

This score has some errors, as compared to the Eulenberg edition:

Movement 2- Errors in piano part
Page 23, 2nd bar: The chord in the left hand for the third and fourth beats should have an E natural instead of an E flat.
Page 23, 3rd staff, 2nd bar: The chords in the right hand for the first beat should be F and Aflat, as in the 2nd and 3rd beats.
Page 24, 3rd staff, 4th bar: the second note should be E natural, not E#.
Page 25, 4th bar; The semiquavers in the right hand on the third beat should make a diminished chord. The order is E G Bflat E, as in the antecedent bar.
Page 26, 2nd staff, 1st bar: The first beat should have a D semiquaver followed by a Bflat semiquavers in the lower part of the right hand.