Talk:Septet, Op.147 (Spohr, Louis)


For first edition: C.F. Peters, plate 3772.
Reprint: London: Musica Rara, 1969. plate M.R.1145
corrections made by Homerdundas
  • Full score:
  • p80 violin
6th bar on page = G-7 -- last quarter is a rest
  • p85 violin
2nd bar on page = J+5 -- slur corrected to start at first 8th note
  • p90 piano
6th bar on page = N-1 -- left hand: second slur in bar, goes to quarter note as in right hand
  • Flute part:
1st movement
H+13 -- f corrected to f (trill #)
M-4 -- slur removed from e quarter note
M-2 -- last note in bar corrected to an 8th note (triplet)
2nd movement
A+4, A+6, E+4 - slur extends to quarter note
4th movement
letter C corrected to 3 bars earlier
letter Q corrected to 18 bars later
  • Horn part:
4th movement
letter M corrected to 3 bars earlier