Talk:Southern Lullaby, Schleifer 419 (Gilchrist, William Wallace)

(should be LOC but see below, but formatting is poor.) Link found on Worldcat with odd date in 1990s though not a 1990s edition... (perhaps date of upload to archive). Either LOC or California is original scanner - LOC mirrors several other projects (e.g. a few at Duke University) so that it is a convenience rather than literal truth to list them as "scanner" (they're where one found the scan but not the place that performed the scanning. Here not positive whether it was LOC or I think UC Berkeley that did the original scanning work. Will try to ascertain...)
To be clear though- this is the original 1897 edition, was readily downloadable from LOC (African American music archives - perhaps so located because of librettist's involvement? I do not know.) Even though Worldcat lists it as '1998' nothing prevented me from downloading it, so was some system artifact or whatever - guessing again that it was the date it was scanned in, nothing more. Eric 14:41, 12 May 2011 (UTC)