Talk:String Quartet, Op.28 (Halm, Anton)

About this being by Anton Halm, I'm having 2nd thoughts about that, too; Lee Allen Rothfarb in his "August Halm: a critical and creative life in music" (previewable at Google Books) has documents to quote about Halm talking about one of his (several) quartets that he at least thinks belongs to this one, which seems -with all the "mights" and "might nots" aside - to still be more conclusive than the evidenceless-I-think? claim made on Klassika (that, yes, I used as my evidence that this was by Anton Halm.) ... erm. Might move this back to August Halm in a few hours after all. Decisive, aren't I... discussion requested. Eric 21:27, 31 August 2011 (UTC)