Talk:String Quartet No.3, Op.15 (Dieren, Bernard van)

IMSLP admins, please note:

An opus number is NOT part of a work's title, it is an opus number, that is all.

The word 'opus' is NOT spelt with a capital letter.

The additional full stop and space included in an opus number as perpetrated by IMSLP admins on my pages are simply redundant. And I disagree with the actions taken to modify my pages.


We have a style used here for a number of reasons, some of which are technical. Also, they're not really "your" pages. I suggest you review some library listings on OCLC, Library of Congress and publisher catalogs - just for starters. If you wish to suggest a change in the format for listing titles, that's perfectly fine. I recommend that you do so on the forums as it will not be seen here. I don't always agree with the style used here myself, but there are good and valid reasons it has been set up the way it is. We just passed the 50,000 file mark, so the need for a standard means of listing titles should be fairly obvious. It will only get more critical as the site grows. Carolus 02:48, 21 January 2010 (UTC)
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