Talk:Variations on a Theme by Haydn, Op.56 (Brahms, Johannes)

please note that Brahms composed a version for orchestra and a version for two pianos. Can you add the version to the file info?

True, however the opus number also indicates which version: 'a' for orchestra and 'b' for pianos. I tried to make this clearer just now. -Horndude77 23:17, 6 July 2006 (CDT)

It is not a Synphonic Poem

Please, note that the genre of "Variations on a Theme by Haydn" is absolutely not a Synphonic Poem. The genre of it belong to the important tradition of the "Variations on a theme", as it can be noticed from the title. Brahms' music philosophie is completely far from program music and than from the genre of Synphonic Poem.