Talk:Violin Sonata No.1, BWV 1001 (Bach, Johann Sebastian)


This would be a fantastic piece to have recordings for. In fact, all of the solo violin sonatas and partitas should have a recording. Does anyone know whether or not the recording of Joachim (recorded in 1903) would be in the public domain? I ask because I fear that the recordings I've found thus far were edited by non-PD sound engineers. Here is an example:

I know that youtube tends to be one of the largest illegal sites on the internet (even more so than pirate bay), so any opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, BKhon 20:32, 3 November 2010 (UTC)

Hm, the recording of Joachim is a very rare and historical very important thing, but even if it would be public domain (I atually can't approve this) I don't know, weather it would help someone, who is searchin ***here*** for a Bach recording.
My personal favourite reference recording is the one of Christian Tezlaff from 1992, but this is of course not PD. The best in this case would be, if some perfomer agrees to release a new recording under PD for ISMLP. -- Ephraim