Talk:Wind Quintet, Op.88 No.2 (Reicha, Anton)

Some 19th century players of the original parts (Simrock edition) had corrected a few engraving errors. These were fixed in the scans:
Fl 1.mvmt 211 g corrected into f, 1.mvmt 218 g corrected into f
Cl 1. mvmt 78 d corrected into e; 3. mvmt 58 a corrected into b♮
Bn Trio 2 32 f corrected into e flat; 4. mvmt 255 g corrected into f

The 1937 Leuckart edition by Günther Weigelt is severely cut, makes a 15 min. piece out of the 25 min. complete version:
1. movt. cuts 135-175, 202-222
2. movt. Menuetto renamed Scherzo, part 2 repeats in Menuetto and Trio I plus da capo omitted, in the Coda cut 57-64
3. movt. all repeats omitted, cuts 56-181, 205-216
4. movt. cut 74-241.