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WORKS TITLE of Andreas Makris

Armenian Medley for Violin and Piano 1973
Caprice Tonatonal (for Violin) 1986
Concertino for Solo Flute and Chamber Ensemble 2003
Duet for Myron and Daddy (for two violins) 1977
Duet for Two Violins (Little Milton on the Beach) 1965
Duo for Two Violins 1966
Greek Sonata for Violoncello and Piano 1989
Quartet 1969?
Scherzo for Four Violins 1965
Sextet for Woodwind Quintet and Piano 1999
Short Melody for Flute 1992
Sonata for Violin Alone 1969?
Sonatina for Solo Violin 1997
String Quartet in One Movement 1970
Voyage Caprice 2002
Woodwind Quintet 1993