This template combines three functions.

1. Link to person’s category page, displaying surname only

Usage example:


This variant of Template:LinkComp makes a link to a person’s category page while displaying only the surname, e.g.: Schubert, hence the template name “LinkComp[oser’s]S[urname]”.
Particularly for use in tables of plate numbers or long pages where brevity is desirable.

Usually a person’s category page on IMSLP consists of their full name in reversed order, i.e. Surname(s), First name(s). Thus most people will have their name given as two parameters:

{{LinkCompS|Johann Sebastian|Bach}} → Bach

2. Link to person’s category page, with customised text

Say however, we wish to give a different form of the name, for example JS Bach; in this instance use a third parameter:

{{LinkCompS|Johann Sebastian|Bach|JS Bach}} → JS Bach

3. Link to the generic category, for people whose names do not follow the general ordering rule

The template is also able to cater for personal names that are not categorised as Surname(s), First name(s) (about 0.5% of the total; a list of these composers can be found here). Usage example:

{{LinkCompS|Anonymous}} → Anonymous

The name should be entered as a single parameter. However, there is no ability to extract the essential part of the name, e.g. Josquin from Josquin Desprez.

{{LinkCompS|Josquin Desprez}} → Josquin Desprez

For this purpose think of the mnemonic, “LinkComp[oser,]S[pecial]” to recall the template name.

N.B.The template was designed at a time when only composers merited category pages: it will however link to the pages for other people, e.g. performers, arrangers, writers, etc. If the person is being referenced for the specific purpose of their work comprising part of a work page, then a set of other templates are appropriate:

This is to ensure that the people thus credited have their work appropriately categorised.