This template displays the title (in italics), and (optionally) the composer's name, while simultaneously linking the title to the work page, and the composer's name to the composer’s category page. This template is based upon Template:LinkWorkN but is designed for people who are known by a single name (Mononymous person).

Usage example:

{{LinkWorkNMono|Le petit Faust||Hervé}}

will display:

Le petit Faust by Hervé

If an opus or catalogue number is found in the work title then that is placed in the space between the title (variable 1) and the composer's name (variable 3). The title, opus/catalogue number and composer's name must use the same punctuation, spelling and capitalisation as the page title for that work.

Special Options

No Composer

To leave out the composer's name, add the extra parameter "0" to the template link, like this:

Usage example:

{{LinkWorkNMono|Le petit Faust||Hervé|0}}

will display:

Le petit Faust