See Category:Unknown plate number due to reprint.

Usage: append after original publication P template:

|Publisher Information={{P|...}}{{MPR}}

Usually parts, but occasionally also scores, for which plate numbers are unknown due to reprint. Collecting these serves adding plate numbers in the future if they are found.

This template is only to be used for scores or parts whose plate numbers remain truly unknown after consulting every available resource. It should not be added if a reprint simply omits a plate number, but the plate is known due to an identical (or original of the reprint) score on the work page, a clear and unambiguous listing in a WorldCat entry, NYPODA, or another resource. This information should simply appear in the P template.

It also should not be used for scores or parts from a publisher which has traditionally eschewed plate numbers, like Oxford University Press.

If nothing above reveals a plate number, it will likely remain unknown until an original set of parts becomes accessible.

This most often affects Kalmus and Luck's reprints of the following:

  • Durand and Heugel part sets, whom seldom had matching scores and parts in plate sequence
  • Bessel (and certain other imperial Russian) part sets, whom seldom had matching scores and parts in plate sequence
  • opera or ballet extracts where it is unclear if complete opera parts or an original publisher's extract parts were reprinted, as extracts often had different plate numbers