Hello, as you may have noticed, we have new and improved upload tools to make the process of adding new compositions, arrangements and editions faster and easier. To take advantage of these new tools, you must first 'associate' your user name with your category page. If you do not yet have a category page, first go to the Add Composer page and create one for yourself. After this is done, you can perform the 'association'.

The next time you log in, do this...

  1. Go to your category page
  2. From the Gear Menu in upper right, select "You are this person (associate)"

Once this is done, you can then use the new upload tools for your compositions, arrangements and editions, which will be much simpler.

Go to the correct page. You should now see the new upload tool when you add something beneath the "Add File" menu

  • Under the "Add File" menu on the work page, select one of the following options
  1. Add Sheet Music (for scans of public domain scores - composers dead over 50 years - same as before)
  2. Add Your Own Arrangement (new arrangements of public domain works - never of your own pieces)
  3. Add Your Own Composition
  4. Add Your Own Edition (new editions of public domain works - never of your own pieces)
  5. Add Recording (same as before)
  • Choose the correct tab

It will automatically link your name in as composer (or arranger, editor - depending on which option is selected), and put your name in the publisher field. This saves a lot of time and work. Composers who are adding arrangements of their own pieces should always add them using the "Add Your Own Composition" option since it's not a good idea to have the arrangement tab populated by duplicate listings of your own compositions (the same principle applies to arrangers adding their own arrangements). The "Arrangements" and "Editions" tabs you might see on your category page are there for arrangements and editions made by you of other composers' works. Make sure that the upload form is completely filled out (mandatory fields are in bold print). Also, please read the association instructions and the Creative Commons threads carefully before uploading. If the process is completed a page should come up with 'Success'.

PS: You will only have to do the association process one time. Do not associate with any category but the one for yourself.