Dear Contributor

You submitted a file as public domain which is a new arrangement or edition. Even though the original work may be public domain, your new arrangement or edition cannot be so due to the 'moral rights' provisions of Canada's copyright statute, and the corresponding provisions of the copyright laws of many countries. We now require that arrangers and editors correctly identify themselves as such. The first step to doing this is to correctly create a new composer category for yourself. Please do not use ALL CAPS for your last name (surname, family name).

  • Examples:
Correct - Debussy = last name ; Claude = first name
Wrong - DEBUSSY - last name ; CLAUDE = first name
The correct time period for your new category is always "Modern".
You can even add a picture if you like and a link to your own webpage.

Once you have created the new category, you must associate your user name with the new category

To do do this...

  1. Go to the new category page
  2. From the Gear Menu in upper right, select "You are this person (associate)"

Once this is done, you can then use the new upload tools for your arrangements and editions, which will be much simpler. These tools also allow you to select the appropriate Creative Commons license for you new arrangement or edition, instead of the attribution as public domain, which is not permitted here.

  1. Under the "Add File" menu on the work page, select "Add Your Own Composition (Arrangement, Edition)"
  2. Choose the correct tab

It will automatically link your name in as editor, and put your name in the publisher field. Saves a lot of time and work.
PS: This will only have to be done once. Don't associate with any category but the one for yourself.