Holograph manuscript, n.d.


2 variables

  • variable 1: first 2 numbers of a four-digit year. This will place the work page in the categories of "Composers' holographs from the ##00s" and "Manuscripts from the ##00s."
  • variable 2: second 2 numbers of a four-digit year.

NOTE: the template requires values to be assigned either to neither variable or to both variables. Assigning a value to only one variable results in meaningless output.
NOTE: inputting no variables will result in the template placing the work page in the category of "Composers' holographs from the 00s" and "Manuscripts from the 00s" which should be avoided.


{{MssUA}} = Holograph manuscript, n.d.
{{MssUA|17}} = Holograph manuscript, n.d.[17]. — meaningless output
{{MssUA|17|15}} = Holograph manuscript, n.d.[1715].