This template displays a link to a given work by a composer without displaying their name, and combines multiple functions. For the simple version of this template, see {{NoComp}}.

0. Link to a composer’s work, omitting composer’s name, and replacing work title with custom text

{{NoCompS|Kubla Khan, Op.1|Legge, Philip|custom text}} → custom text

This is trivially equivalent to the simple Wiki formatting: [[Kubla Khan, Op.1 (Legge, Philip)|custom text]]

1. Link to a composer’s work, omitting both composer’s name and some of the latter part of the work title

{{NoCompS|Kubla Khan|omit=, Op.1|Legge, Philip}} → Kubla Khan

N.B. the first parameter, together with the portion included using the omit variable, must together make up the entire portion of the work title before the composer’s name. The omit variable cannot begin with a space; if you need to omit a portion of the title which begins with a space, it would have to be encoded as an HTML entity (i.e.,  ). To avoid this, the variable o encodes the space:

{{NoCompS|Kubla|o=Khan, Op.1|Legge, Philip}} → Kubla

2. Link to a composer’s work, omitting composer’s name, and appending custom text to work title in link

{{NoCompS|Kubla Khan, Op. 1|add= (2004)|Legge, Philip}} → Kubla Khan, Op.1 (2004)

N.B. For the same reason as above, the add variable cannot begin with a space, so one may encode the space as the equivalent HTML entity ( ), but in practice it is easier to use the a variable:

{{NoCompS|Kubla Khan, Op.1|a=(2004)|Legge, Philip}} → Kubla Khan, Op.1 (2004)

3. Simultaneous addition and omission of title text

Both the omit and add variables (or the o and a space-saving versions) may be used in the one template call, and can be used in any order:

{{NoCompS|Kubla Khan|omit=, Op.1|a=(2004)|Legge, Philip}} → Kubla Khan (2004)

For all these purposes think of the mnemonic, “NoComp[oser,]S[pecial]” to recall the template name.