Unidentified publisher, n.d.

General-purpose publisher information template. Input is as follows: (none are actually required)

  1. Official name of publisher - this must exactly match its title in Category:Music Publishers. If this does not match an existing page name, it will show up by default as a link to IMSLP:Music Publishers (unless it is a "redirect" - but please do not use redirects in this field. It just creates work.)
  2. Imprint (alias) - what you would like the publisher name to appear as on the work page (this is an optional field). Publishers often used several imprints, typically after the acquisition of another publisher's cataogue. If the previous argument is omitted this will appear just as a name (i.e., without a link or category). If this argument is omitted the previous argument will also appear as the link title
  3. Location of publisher, if known - preferably a city
  4. Date (year) - can and should follow the standard format of n.d.[xxxx], n.d.(ca.xxxx), xxxx, or (xxxx)
  5. What date to categorize the publication as being from. If no exact date (down to specific year) is known, leave field empty. If the previous argument is omitted, this appears as the date (the template assumes it appears on the score). This field takes only a numeric date - no text.
  6. Edition number
  7. Plate number (including prefix, if present)

  • Switch to Template:Pa to display location and publisher name only (suitable for field no.2)
  • Use Template:Pd in field no.4 to categorize additional publication years