This template is for linking to individual editions of manuscript scans to their descriptions in the RISM online catalogue, using the “RISM ID no.” at the bottom right of their catalogue entry screen.

Alternatively, the template may be used to link to particular IMSLP pages, if they happen to host a scan of the actual source documented by RISM.

Usage examples:

{{RISMs|212001483|-A/II-}} : RISM-A/II-212001483 (This links to the page at RISM’s search engine for Tartini’s Concerto Op.1 No.1. This is the default action.)

{{RISMs|1604a}} : RISM 1604a (This links to the IMSLP hosted page of Lassus’ Magnum opus musicum of 1604. This action is a specifically programmed exception to the above.)