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The "nodes" are now unavailable, so the link while not quite dead- the page still contains other useful links (e.g. to the Nielsen edition though is that still in progress?...)- is less useful than might be. REX does have a "search by has-this-been-digitized-yet" ("Billeder Online") option that may be the closest thing one can get, now (and one can, I gather, create an account and request digitization of certain items that haven't yet been; I haven't tried that, though of course it's tempting, it's quite a good library.) Eric 00:32, 20 February 2013 (EST)

(ah, links work again. no new "nodes" in awhile- under that list anyway, see above :) - that may be the best way to find whether or not something at DK has been digitized now anyway... ) Eric 08:41, 2 March 2013 (EST)

Hrm... also

It might be possible to make the links more specific... maybe by including OCLC when the links can be accessed via Worldcat (se noder/view the.. .etc.), as is done for template BSB, or in some other way? This might be worthwhile in future ... Eric 12:42, 21 May 2013 (EDT)