Template talk:MendelssohnComplete

Something's not right here. Every page that uses this template is ending up in the "Scores published in the 1874th century" category. I'm feeling very well-preserved, of a sudden. Eric 09:21, 24 April 2014 (EDT)

And it's still causing that "Scores published in the 1874th century" error on some pages, and other errors on others... odd, really... Eric 02:08, 9 May 2014 (EDT)

Variable two of this template (year of publication) is being passed to the P template to populate variables 4 and 5. The real problem is that users have input date ranges, such as 1874-1877, into variable 2 of the MendelssohnComplete template which breaks the P template's ability to calculate the century. The best solution would be to clean up the dates that are input on the work pages. Most of them seem to be formatted as if that is the date on the score when in fact no date appears on the score. If variable 2 were simply left blank the date range 1874-82 (although it should probably be changed in this template to display "n.d. (ca.1874-82)") would be displayed on the work page, the score would be categorized as having been published in 1874, and the P template would correctly calculate the 19th century. Ideally, the exact publication date should be found in HMB but that, of course, would be a lot of work.--Cypressdome 07:49, 9 May 2014 (EDT)