Template talk:MozartNMA

The MozartNMA template is rather complicated:
{{MozartNMA| P | Q | R | S | X | Y }} generates the following text:
Neue Mozart-Ausgabe, Serie P, Werkgruppe: Q, S [NMA P/QR].
Kassel: Bärenreiter-Verlag, Y. Plate BA X.

If you examine the tables at the NMA project page, you will notice each volume has a short descriptor under the column marked NMA #. For example for the first volume, in Series I, Workgroup 1, Abteilung 1: Messen, Band 1, this descriptor is given as I-1/Abt.1/1. The Bärenreiter plate number is BA 4547, and the date of publication is 1968. This information is broken up in the following way:

  1. Series [P]: use the Roman capital letter(s) to the left of the hyphen as the first variable, e.g. I, IV, or X
  2. Workgroup [Q]: use the number(s) to the right of the hyphen as the second variable, e.g. 1, 23, 30
  3. Subgroup (short) [R]: use all of the characters (if any) to the right of the workgroup number as the third variable, e.g. /Abt.1/1. All slashes, if present, must be included: some workgroups do not have subgroups, so one cannot assume the slash is always present.
  4. Subgroup (long) [S]: long description of the subgrouping as the fourth variable, e.g. “Abteilung 1: Messen, Band 1”. Do not include the text “Serie ..., Werkgruppe: ..., ” which is automatically generated, or trailing commas or full stops.
  5. Plate number as the fifth variable [X]: do not include the Bärenreiter-Ausgaben prefix (BA), just the numeric portion, e.g. 4547
  6. Year(s) of publication as the sixth variable [Y]: e.g. 1968; or for multiple revisions, “1965, 1979” to include both years as formatted. If Y is left out, it will default to the year dates for the series “1955–2007”.

Thus {{MozartNMA| I | 1 | Abt.1/1 | Abteilung 1: Messen, Band 1 | 4547 | 1968 }} generates the following text:
Neue Mozart-Ausgabe, Serie I, Werkgruppe: 1, Abteilung 1: Messen, Band 1 [NMA I/1/Abt.1/1].
Kassel: Bärenreiter-Verlag, 1968. Plate BA 4547.

The template also adds an urtext copyright legend immediately below the publication details (not shown here; see the linked template).

Until you are familiar with the template, it is recommended you preview pages before clicking save!