The Golden Shower: Contents Listing

This is detailed listing of the contents of The Golden Shower by William Batchelder Bradbury. A page-viewer of the scan can be accessed here.


 No.   Composer   Title   Parts   Key   Text source   Genre   Pages 
Bright Sabbath Morn (A)
Faithful Friend (A)
Land without a Storm (A)
All's for the Best
Saviour ever Near (A)
Suffering Saviour (A)
Away over Jordan
Beautiful Zion
Blessed is He that Cometh anthem
Canaan's Happy Land
Closing Hymn
Come unto Me (chant) chant
Come unto Me (anthem) anthem
Come this Way
Die on the Field of Battle
Earth's Shadowy Years
Even Me
For God so Loved anthem
Going Home
Good Tidings
Happy in the Lord
Heavenly Song
Heaven is My Home
Hosanna, Bless'd is He anthem
Hosanna anthem
I Ought to Love My Saviour
If I were a Sunbeam
In Olden Times
Jesus Loves Me
Jesus is King
Jesus our Shepherd
Joy for the Sorrowful
Just as I Am
Learning of Jesus
Looking Home
Lord I Believe
Not to Condemn anthem
Now We lift Our Tuneful Voices
O Give Thanks
2 Bradbury On a Sunday Morning 3 (SSB) D major 6-7
On a Christmas Morning
One Day Nearer Home
Once More before We Part
Our Angel Sister
Our Own Loved Sabbath School
Responses to the Decalogue
Sabbath Morning Bells
Sabbath Evening Bells
Silver St.
Soldiers of the Cross
Stedfast [sic]
St. Thomas
Superiority of the Scriptures
Sweet Rest in Heaven
Take the Cross
Angels Sing (The)
Angels There will Teach Us (The)
Beautiful Valley (The)
Beautiful Land (The)
1 Bardbury Best Day of all the Week (The) 4-6 (SATB) A major Cameron, Kate 4-5
Bluebird's Temperance Song (The)
Bright Hills of Glory (The)
Christian's Dear Home (The)
Christian soldier (The)
Cross (The)
Crown of Glory (The)
Golden City (The)
Happy Song (The)
Heavenly Chorus (The)
Invitation (The)
Land of Pleasure (The)
Land of Beulah (The)
Land of Peace (The)
Life Boat (The)
Lord's Prayer (The) chant
Lord is My Shepherd (The)
Mercy Seat (The)
Realms of the Blest (The)
Sabbath Scholar's Request (The)
Sabbath Bells (The)
Shepherd of Souls (The)
Union Band (The)
Union Song (The)
Welcome Home (The)
Whole Multitude (The)
We are Pilgrims
We're Nearer Home
We have Come Rejoicing
What Shall I do to be Saved
Willow Dale