I am Alex Coblentz, a 37-year-old American graphic designer. I also consume, study, and transcribe classical music. While this interest ranges from Antiquity to Contemporary, I am particularly interested in Baroque period music, with a focus on French and Iberian Baroque music.

As a disclaimer, I have no formal training in music theory or performance. The work in my transcriptions relies on what I have learned and continue to learn on my own. Therefore, I submit my editions publicly as working documents, open to feedback for corrections and improvements.

These projects started out with pieces of music I wanted to hear, but could not find recordings of. Starting in 2014, I discovered I could use MuseScore to write scores, as well as hear them rendered. This has led to my transcribing dozens of pieces, including a ballet and five books of harpsichord works. I share these transcriptions as editions in hopes that they prove useful to musicians and those studying music.

All of my transcriptions are engraved in MuseScore 3. The primary sources, which I cite with each new edition, are generally from freely-available digital scans of prints, engravings, and autograph scores from various libraries and repositories around the world.

Every edition is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. If you want to use the work beyond this scope, feel free to contact me. I offer my working musicscore files (.mscz) also by request.

My latest editions are available on Academia and on IMSLP.

I am in the process of creating a website to share these editions as well as provide regular musings and updates.



Updated 2023-06-12