Hello! My name is Robin and I really love music, espacially music for piano! I like playing the piano and I also like composing my own pieces! My list of works is kind of a mess (sometimes I change opusnumbers... - I shouldn't use them xD) BUT, I wanted to try to create a list of my works that I think contains my 'good' works (none of them is good tbh ^^). I hope you enjoy your visit and like playing my pieces!

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List of works with Opus number

  1. Im Walzertempo (E minor)
  2. Im Walzertempo (D major)
  3. Im Walzertempo (C minor)
  1. Sommertag (A minor)
  2. Depression (C minor)
  3. Ein schöner Traum (B major)
  4. Idylle (F minor)
  1. Dschungel (D minor)
  2. Tangoimpression (F minor)
  3. Ouvertüre (C major)
  4. Liebeserklärung (E major)
  5. Das Schiff in der Grotte (E minor)
  6. Gesang der Najaden (A major)
  1. Herbstwald (E major)
  2. Pfau (C minor)
  3. Basar (G minor)
  4. Atlantis (A minor)
  5. Gnom (E minor)
  1. Aphrodite (A major)
  2. Insanity (G minor)
  3. Danube at Night (A major)
  • Op.7 - Romance in G minor for cello and piano (2018)
  • Op.7a - Little Blues in F minor for piano (2018)
  • Op.8 - 2 Songs for voice and piano (2019)
  1. The Boy, Who Commits Suicide (F minor)
  2. Anorexia (C minor)
  1. Zypressen (G major)
  2. Das alte Kloster (E minor)
  3. Sonnenuntergang (D major)
  4. Einsamer Weg (B minor)
  5. Sturm in Florenz (F minor)
  • Op.11 - String Quartet in B minor for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass (2019) (WIP)

Works that 'may' be composed

  • Variations on a theme by Kazimierz Lubomirski in G Minor for piano
  • Ballade
  • Piano Sonata
  • Nightmares - Piano Pieces
  • Nocturnes
  • Japan - Piano Pieces
  • Elegy No.2 in E Flat Minor
  • 'Headache' Variations for piano in E Minor

About me

  • I'm 19 years old
  • I'm a student
  • I love classical music
  • I love Vocaloid (espacially vflower and GUMI)
  • I like reading Manga
  • I learn Russian in school
  • I try to learn Japanese on my own
  • I hate summer ^^ (You can't deny it, it's the worst season)
  • I love Minor keys! (F Minor <3)
  • I also write horror stories (in German only, sorry :/)

'Interesting' links

Thank you for reading this!