Hello! My name is Robin and I really love music, espacially music for piano (who needs chamber music ^^). I like playing the piano and I also like composing my own pieces! My list of works is kind of a mess (sometimes I change opusnumbers... - I shouldn't use them xD) BUT, I wanted to try to create a list of my works that I think contains my 'good' works (none of them is good tbh ^^)


List of works with Opus number

  • Op.1 - Three waltzes for two flutes and piano (2013)
  1. Im Walzertempo (E Minor)
  2. Im Walzertempo (D Major)
  3. Im Walzertempo (C Minor)
  • Op.2 - Tarantella in D Minor for piano four hands (2014 - 2015)
  • Op.3 - The Rock - Elegy in B Minor for piano (2016)
  • Op.4 - Go Down Moses - Paraphrase in F Minor for piano (2017)
  • Op.4a - 4 Preludes for piano (2017 - 2018)
  1. Sommertag (A Minor)
  2. Depression (C Minor)
  3. Ein schöner Traum (B Mjaor)
  4. Idylle (F Minor)
  • Op.5 - 24 Preludes for piano (2018) (WIP)
  1. Dschungel (D Minor)
  2. Tangoimpression (F♯ Minor)
  3. Ouvertüre (C Major)
  4. Liebeserklärung (E♭ Major)
  5. Das Schiff in der Grotte (E Minor)
  6. Gesang der Najaden (A♭ Major)

List of works without Opus number

  • Herbst-Walzer in D Major for piano (2012)
  • Klavierstück in G Minor for piano (2012)
  • Varations on a theme by Smetana in E Minor for piano (2012)
  • Fantasie in F♯ Minor for piano four hands (2017)
  • Albumblätter for piano (2018)
  1. (D Major)
  2. (F Major)

This is the official list of my compositions (^o^)

What else can I tell you about me?

  • I'm 18 years old
  • I'm a student
  • I love classical music
  • I love Vocaloid (espacially vflower and GUMI)
  • I like reading Manga
  • I learn Russian in school
  • I try to learn Japanese on my own
  • I hate alcohol
  • I hate coffee
  • I hate summer ^^ (You can't deny it, it's the worst season)
  • Idk (lol)

One of my biggest hobbies is collecting works by unknown composers. Here I would like to mention Walter Niemann (1876 - 1953), who is my favourite composer! I hope I'll be able to collect all of his works to share his beautiful music with you!

'Interesting' links

Thank you for reading this!