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Welcome to my page! You can find out about works that I have edited and uploaded here, as well as projects that I am working on. Check out my website and if you have some spare change and would like to support my work, please visit my Ko-fi site to buy me a coffee ☺️

At a glance:

  • Clara Schumann's Piano Concerto
  • Ethel Smyth's Three Moods of the Sea (voice and orchestra vers.)

Clara Schumann Piano Concerto

This was a project that I took on during my second year of university. I volunteered to play the solo part of this rarely-performed concerto for a special performance at Christ Church Cathedral on International Women's Day. A week before the performance, we found out that hiring the parts would cost over £400, and that they were only available from the US. After panicking for a little while, a small team of kind friends was assembled to typeset the all instrumental parts from a facsimile full score from my faculty library.

The score and parts were roughly typeset in March 2017, but were revised in 2019. I welcome any feedback and comments about this edition - it is so helpful to get corrections from performers of the material. If you have any suggestions please contact me (thank you to all who already have!).

Ethel Smyth Three Moods of the Sea

For the final year of my degree, I worked on an edition of 'Before the Squall' from Smyth's song cycle Three Moods of the Sea. It was written for voice (mezzo-soprano or baritone) and orchestra, but only the vocal score had ever been published (Universal Editions, 1913). The orchestral version had apparently never been typeset, and the last record of its performance had been in the 1950s for a BBC radio broadcast. The manuscript instrumental parts have been long lost, but I found a manuscript full score in the British Library, and, working with a German academic, another source from the UE archives. These are a little incomplete but it is enough for now and I looking to make a typeset version of this work widely available. The full score for the second song, 'Before the Squall', is already complete (with critical commentary), and it was performed in summer 2018 by the Grassroots Festival Orchestra.

The critical commentary for 'Before the Squall' is available on request.

CURRENTLY WORKING ON: Extracting ins. parts from no. 2. Preparing no. 1 (Requies).

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