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About me:

I live in Poland, and my name is Artur.
I'm totally in organ playing, so my contributions will be especially for this instrument, but I like harpsichord music as well.
I can also help with Gregorian Chants and other church-music related things.
My great love is French organ school, since it's begining to 20th century. Favourite composers? Too much to write them all, but for example: Ch. M. Widor, C. Franck, C. Balbastre, Ch. Tournemire, and L. Boellmann. Naturally, my favourite organ builder is A. Cavaille-Coll, but from older ones, maybe Clicquot, Isnard (and Dom Bedos is amazing too). In my country: W. Sauer is for me No. 1!
If You want to contact me privately, write at:
Best regards!

[Edit @ 2012: no longer in classical sheet music business, hope You enjoy my uploads]

My Projects:

Ongoing & planned:
1. Uploading hundreds of organ works of various composers. (long-term)
2. Uploading old clavecin music anthologies. (nearly finished)
1. Scanning and uploading all 51 offices of "L'Orgue Mystique".
2. Uploading gregorian chant books.