User:Cheap Imitation

Hello. I am Cheap Imitation. I am mostly interested in 20th-21st century music but occasionally delve into the earlier repertoire as well.

I don't have a scanner so most of my scores are either things scanned by others, or scans made by me on the large industrial all-in-one machine at the University of Auckland Music Library. I am also proficient with Sibelius 6 so can typeset things as time permits.

I am 26 years old and currently reside in Auckland, New Zealand. I can write music (fairly well) and play the piano (quite badly).

Current scanning queue: a number of Státní Hudební Vydavatelství miniature score critical editions of early Dvořák string quartets; some additional Bohuslav Martinů; Sergei Taneyev's String Quartets Nos.7-9