Pioneering Musician and American Violinist Destiny Ann Mermagen is the first-ever artist alongside pianist Heather Adelsberger to record and release the complete works of Bouquet Américain by Henri Vieuxtemps —A collection of charming, witty, and virtuosic pieces based on popular American and Irish folk tunes that are written in the typical “Classical Music” style, while at the same time giving a nod to the “American Fiddling” tradition. These works are featured on her 2018 world premiere album, Classical Cowgirl ~ Bach to Barn Burners™. Paired alongside J.S. Bach’s exuberant and spirited E Major Partita, Destiny Ann is Classically Trained and Fiddle Raised, Playing Everything from Bach to Barn Burners™!

New to IMSLP and interested in shedding more light on Henri Vieuxtemps and on his rarely-known composition Bouquet américain, 6 Variations sur mélodies populaires, Op. 33 (c.1855), as I am a violinist and the first-ever artist to record and release this complete collection of songs/pieces.