User:Clorox/Mozplugger Setup

Do not use this yet! This is not complete, or ready for public use. You can beta-test if you want.

This page is for Ubuntu and Debian users who use a Gecko-based browser (Firefox, Epiphany, etc.) or Opera to browse the web.

This does not work for KDE users. Konqueror embeds Okular without any sort of plugin.


  1. Copy the first block of text below.
  2. Press Alt+F2.
  3. Paste it into the box, and press Enter.
  4. A text-editor window should have popped up. Do not close it. Copy the second block of text into it, save, and quit.

Text to copy

apturl apt:mozplugger,evince?section=main?section=universe ; gksu mv /etc/mozpluggerrc /etc/mozpluggerrc~ && gksu touch /etc/mozpluggerrc && gksu gedit /etc/mozpluggerrc ; rm ~/.mozilla/firefox/pluginreg.dat
application/pdf:pdf:PDF file
application/x-pdf:pdf:PDF file
text/pdf:pdf:PDF file
text/x-pdf:pdf:PDF file
application/postscript:ps:PostScript file
application/x-postscript:ps:PostScript file
	repeat noisy swallow(evince) fill: evince \"\$file\"" >> /etc/mozpluggerrc && exit 0