Simone Jennarelli, Milan-Italy (1974), soloist, opera singers pianist, choir-master, composer.

He studied Composition with Bruno Bettinelli.

He writes for orchestra, chamber ensemble, piano, organ, chorus, soundtracks for short films (Montecarlo Festival -IMAGINA 2007).

He studied with the great pianist Ludwig Hoffmann (Wiki Bio Italian Wiki Bio German) in Wien (Austria) and München (Germany).

1993 graduated full-marks as pianist from the Conservatorio E.F. Dall’Abaco in Verona.

Recorded Brahms, Bettinelli music for RSI, Italian Swiss Radio.

He received great appreciation by the critics.

He works also as accompanying pianist for Opera singers and as a choir-master, specializing in F. Liszt’s rare chorus repertoire (Via Crucis, Missa Choralis, Septem Sacramenta, Rosario and the Christmas Tree).

His recording of Chopin Prelude-Op. 28 n° 4 has been used as the soundtrack for various video and movie productions, among them:

  • Official Learning Library Video by the Canadian Nipissing University
  • Official trailer of Leaving Limbo, a film by L. Patrick (Cardiff 2013)
  • Official trailer of the new literary app Frankenstein for iPad and iPhone (by Inkle Studios/Profile Books Publisher London).


CD Recordings of Simone Jennarelli's compositions

CD Recordings by Simone Jennarelli

  • CD Album No. 1: S. Jennarelli: Sunpoems and Prismatic Music (2012) at CDBaby
  • CD Album No. 2: Liszt: Grandes Etudes - Jennarelli: Prism Variations (2012) at CDBaby
  • CD Album No. 3: Liszt: Silent Night Virtuoso Rhapsody (2012) at CDBaby
  • CD Album No. 4: Mozart: Piano Rarities and Favourites - Jennarelli: Rondo Alla Turca Paraphrase (2014) at CDBaby
  • CD Album No. 5: A virtuoso journey Vol. 1: Liszt: Étude en douze exercices, Années de pèlerinage: Première année: Suisse (2014) at CDBaby


Ave Regina Coelorum at IMSLP

List of Compositions

List of Compositions by Simone Jennarelli