Sibelius 7 user. At the age of thirteen, he was inspire take up guitar playing after watching one of Kirk Hammet's solo at the 2009 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concert. At age fifteen, high school electives a plenty came. Jazz band/orchestra seemed appealing as a guitar player, but at Flagler Palm Coast High School the prerequisite was to play in symphonic band; renting expensive instruments and uniforms didn't seem appealing.

Taking up choir instead, the classroom right across the hall, Tyler stuck with that. The love for classical music began here. His senior year, he had been not only tenor section leader, but the inspiration for the beginner's guitar class and granted the Pink Cord for Mastering Music upon graduating. Age eighteen now, he had reached an intermediate-advanced level at the guitar, ukulele, and harmonica; and beginner's level at the piano and bass.

Music became a lesser priority for a couple years. Tyler was content with his skill level at the guitar, and he took up rigorous physical exercise and began job hunting. Guessing the key signatures of radio songs was about as much practice he did during this time.

The present now, Tyler's age twenty. He found work at Coconut's Carwash. His passion for music, particularly jazz and classical music, was resurrected after viewing Adam Neely's videos and works on YouTube. Downloading Sibelius 7 Software soon after, he now spends almost all his free time writing original orchestral scores, songs, and suites. He's also reached an intermediate's level at the piano (first movement of the Moonlight Sonata, anyone?), through the use of Yousician's android app. Thanks internet! He's also taken up bass clarinet, thus squeaking into's neighbor's into a coma.