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tba-3 This user is an advanced tubist.
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About Me

I am a native of Mississauga, Canada (very close to Toronto). I am in my first year of the music program at University of Toronto with hopes of entering the composition starting in second year.

(I would assume that having taken tuba lessons outside of school for the past few years and having started playing the tuba in grade seven; and now continuing with it despite planning on doing a composition major; would make me an advanced tubist)

If I can find the time, I will be uploading full scores of Mahler's third and fourth symphonies (the Dover versions) shortly.

Hopefully, if I ever find a score of Ralph Vaughan Williams' Tuba Concerto, I will scan that in too. Since it will take a few years to find, it'll be in the public domain once it's uploaded, thus giving Canadians (but not Americans or Europeans, sadly - you will get your chance) a taste of tuba canon.