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Hathi Trust Download List

No. composer Title Catalog Record URL Notes Status
1. Nevin, Ethelbert The Quest downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
2. Shelley, Harry Rowe Vexilla regis. The Royal Banners Forward Go downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
3. De Koven, Reginald Ballet music Opp.151, 156 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
4. Bennett, William Sterndale The May Queen downloaded
5. Bertini, Henri A progressive and complete method for the piano-forte downloaded
6. Bertini, Henri An abridged method for the piano-forte downloaded
7. Bertini, Henri A progressive and complete method for the piano-forte downloaded
8. Scott, Cyril String Quartet downloaded
9. Various The Century library of music 20 volumes downloaded
10. Various Famous composers and their works Vol.2 & 3
11. Various Masters in music 6 volumes downloaded
12. Various The Ditson easy trio album for violin, cello, and piano score and violin part downloaded
13. Various Encore trio album. 14 selected trio arrangements downloaded
14. Various Modern music and musicians 10 volumes downloaded
15. Various Album classique for pianoforte vol.2 downloaded
16. Hünten, Franz Compositions célèbres pour piano vol.5 downloaded / quality too poor to upload
17. Various Modern piano music downloaded
18. Various Half hours with the best composers 10 volumes downloaded
19. Various The world's best composers; famous compositions for the piano Vol.1 & 4 downloaded
20. Hamerik, Asger Symphonie poétique no. 1 downloaded?
21. Reber, Napoléon Henri 2e. symphonie (en UT majeur) à grand orchestre downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
22. Various Overtures downloaded
23. Volbach, Fritz Raphael; three melodic pictures downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
24. Klughardt, August Suite for Orch. downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
25. Nicodé, Jean Louis Symphonische Variationen, C moll, für grosses Orchester, op. 27 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
26. Hartmann, Emil Eine nordische Heerfahrt (Les vikings). Trauerspiel-ouverture Op. 25 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
27. Lachner, Franz Suite No.6, Op.150 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
28. Volbach, Fritz Es waren zwei königskinder. Symphonische dichtung für grosses orchester downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
29. Suk, Josef Ein Märchen downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
30. Gouvy, Th Hymne et marche dans la forme d'une ouverture, Oeuvr. 35 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
31. Benoît, Peter Charlotte Corday; drama in 1876 componeerd. Ouverture downloaded
32. Franz Pazdírek Universal-handbuch 12vols downloaded
33. Nicodé, Jean Louis Symphonische variationen für grosses orchester, Op. 27 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
34. Jadassohn, Salomon Serenade (no. 3. A dur) für orchester ... Op. 47 downloaded
35. Gilchrist, William Wallace 330 exercises for sight-singing classes downloaded
36. Eichberg, Julius Eichberg's complete method for the violin downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
37. Reinecke, Carl Carl Reinecke's 50 children's songs. English translation of No. 1 to 35 by Elizabeth M. Traquair downloaded
38. Benedict, Julius St. Peter 2d ed.
39. Benoît, Peter Lucifer downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
40. Clarke, Hugh Archibald Jerusalem downloaded
41. Various Cantate Domino. A collection of masses, vespers, hymns, motetts, and a variety of miscellaneous pieces for...the Catholic church downloaded
42. Herbert, Victor Prince Ananias downloaded
43. Benoît, Peter De Rhijn downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
44. Costa, Michael Eli Sibley score uploaded
45. Benoît, Peter De Schelde downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
46. Goldschmidt, Adalbert von Les sept péchés capitaux downloaded
47. Gladstone, Francis Edward Philippi downloaded
48. Herbert, Victor The only girl Sibley score uploaded
49. Hol, Richard David downloaded
50. Hanssens, Charles Louis Le sabbat downloaded
51. Koch, Friedrich E. What the day tells downloaded
52. Liszt, Franz The legend of St. Elizabeth English trans.
53. Stewart, Humphrey John The Nativity downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
54. Rheinberger, Josef Christoforus downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
55. Dulcken, Ferdinand Quentin Messe solennelle à quatre voix we have LoC version of this uploaded (1883) - seems to be the same downloaded
56. Goodrich, Wallace The choral music for a requiem celebration of the holy communion downloaded
57. Farmer, Henry Mass in B flat downloaded
58. Sgambati, Giovanni Requiem downloaded
59. Stainer, John The Organ
60. Allen, Nathan Hale The Apotheosis of St. Dorothy downloaded
61. Brewer, A. Herbert O sing unto the Lord a new song downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
62. Bullard, Frederic Field The Nativity according to St. Luke downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
63. Various Famous composers and their works. New series Vol.2 & 3 downloaded
64. Becker, Albert Reformations-Cantate downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
65. Converse, F. S. Job downloaded
66. Edwards, Julian Lazarus downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
67. Malling, Otto The Holy Land downloaded
68. Stainer, John Harold Glynde downloaded
69. Stock, Frederick A Psalmodic rhapsody downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
70. Various Novello's collection of anthems by modern composers vol.4 downloaded
71. Brewer, John Hyatt The Holy Night downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
72. Jones, Edwin Arthur Easter Concert, Op.1
73. Powell, John Two songs with piano accompaniment, op. 8 downloaded
74. Whiting, Arthur O God, my heart is ready downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
75. Powell, John Phantoms and To a butterfly op.15 downloaded
76. Goodrich, Alfred Bailey Canticles of the Protestant Episcopal Church downloaded
77. Goodrich, Alfred Bailey Hymnal and canticles of the Protestant Episcopal Church downloaded
78. Parker, Horatio W. The hymnal revised and enlarged, as adopted by the General convention of the Protestant Episcopal church in the USA
79. Schmitt, Florent Cortège des adorateurs du feu downloaded
80. Schmitt, Florent Rapsodie viennoise pour orchestre downloaded
81. Various Russian composers : album for the piano 3 volumes downloaded
82. Huber, Adolf Student Concertino downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
83. Wagner, Richard Die Feen (vs)
84. Burleigh, Cecil Four small concert pieces for violin with piano accompaniment, op. 21 downloaded
85. Berlioz, Hector Werke (preface, remarks) downloaded
86. Cramer, J. B. 84 Celebrated Studies vol.1 out of 4 only
87. Sullivan, Arthur The Golden Legend downloaded
88. Berlioz, hector Werke imslp needs vols.17,18,20 downloaded
89. Holmès, Augusta Mary Anne Lutèce: symphonie dramatique downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
90. Cole, Rossetter G. The Rock of Liberty, Op.36 downloaded
91. Holst, Gustav The Cloud Messenger downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
92. Chadwick, G. W. Land of our hearts downloaded?
93. Jordan, Jules Barbara Frietchie downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
94. Page, N. Clifford Alice in Wonderland downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
95. Barnett, John Francis The ancient mariner
96. Burton, Frederick R. The legend of Sleepy Hollow downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
97. Schmitt, Florent Étude pour le palais hanté d'Edgar Poe : op. 49 downloaded
98. Various Sonatina album downloaded
99. Various Novello's part-song book. (Second series.) 18 volumes I have these (v.11 is missing) / uploaded to IMSLP - Olmsted
100. Cadman, Charles Wakefield The morning of the year downloaded
101. Cadman, Charles Wakefield The vision of Sir Launfal downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
102. Blumenthal, Jacques 2 books of songs, Op.101 2 volumes downloaded
103. Grasse, Edwin Wellenspiel downloaded
104. Wagner, Richard Symphonie (C dur)
bottom (FE) downloaded
105. Various Album of twelve songs by American composers downloaded
106. Various The universal library of music 7 volumes downloaded
107. Kreutzer, Conradin Ouverture für Orchester zur Oper Das Nachtlager in Granada downloaded
108. Jensen, Adolf Song Album 4 volumes downloaded
109. Boughton, Rutland The Barkshire tragedy; and, King Arthur had three sons downloaded
110. Schneider, Wilhelm Schneider's Practical organ school downloaded
111. Brahms, Johannes Hungarian Dances, ed. Scharfenberg 2 vols. downloaded
112. Bartók, Béla Rumänische Volkstänze other source uploaded
113. Korngold, Erich Wolfgang Piano Sonata in d other source uploaded
114. Elsenheimer, Nicholas J. Valerian downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
115. Lind, Gustave Spring tales downloaded
116. Parry, C. Hubert H. The pied piper of Hamelin downloaded
117. Burleigh, Cecil 8 characteristic pieces, Op.6 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
118. Various The World's best music volume 3 downloaded
119. Gouvy, Th. 2ème. symphonie en Fa. Oeuv: 12 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
120. Gouvy, Th Symphonie brève; variations et rondo pour orchestre ... Op. 58 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
121. Fétis, François Joseph 2e symphonie à grand orchestre downloaded
122. Gold, H. J. Poeme downloaded
123. Kneisel, Franz Grande etude de concert downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
124. Gurlitt, Cornelius Buds and blossoms, Op.107 downloaded
125. Fétis, François Joseph 1re symphonie à grand orchestre downloaded
126. Rogers, James H. Five quatrains from the Rubáiyát downloaded
127. Kreisler, Fritz Second assembled edition of original pieces and arrangements for violin and piano downloaded
128. Powell, John Rhapsodie nègre downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
129. Bantock, Granville Dramatische Tänze vol.2 out of 3 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
130. Cole, Rossetter G. The passing of summer
131. Korngold, Erich Wolfgang Die tote Stadt other source uploaded
132. Burgmüller, Norbert Ouvertüre f-moll, op. 5 downloaded
133. Various Modern music and musicians 10 volumes see no.14
134. Vogrich, Max Staccato caprice downloaded
135. Rüfer, Philipp Violin-Concert downloaded
136. Harker, F. Flaxington Two compositions for the organ, op. 52 No.2 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
137. Hasse, Karl Drei Fantasien und Fugen für Orgel, op. 6. No. 3 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
138. Baermann, Carl Complete method for clarinet : op. 63-64 5 volumes downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
139. Wareing, Herbert Walter The wreck of the Hesperus downloaded
140. Kneisel, Franz The Kneisel collection : for violin & piano vol.2 out of 3 downloaded / Sibley has all 3 vols.
141. Grechaninov, Aleksandr Tikhonovich Regrets : pour violon et piano : op. 9 downloaded
142. Goldmark, Carl Zweite Symphonie, Es-Dur, für grosses Orchester, Op. 35 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
143. Blech, Leo Volkslieder : für gemischten Chor : Op. 21a downloaded
144. Bretón, Tomás En la Alhambra : serenata para piano downloaded
145. Hussla, Victor 4a rapsodia portugueza : Nov. 1899 : ultimo adeus à sua segunda Patria downloaded
146. Boughton, Rutland The men of Harlech downloaded
147. Boughton, Rutland The Black Monk downloaded
148. Dunn, James Philip The phantom drum downloaded
149. Novák, Vítezslav Dva valašské tance : pro klavír na 2 ruce : op. 34 downloaded
150. Dvořák, Antonín Zwei Symphonien für grosses Orchester aus dem Nachlass. No. 1, Es dur downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
151. Houseley, Henry Omar Khayyam downloaded
152. Dvořák, Antonín Symphony no. 1 in C minor : the bells of Zlonice downloaded
153. Graener, Paul Aus dem Reíche des Pan, Suite für grosses Orchester; Op. 22 downloaded
154. Witt, Friedrich Jenaer Symphonie downloaded
155. Bath, Hubert Look at the clock downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
156. Various Anthems (HW Grey) 6 volumes
157. Smieton, John More King Arthur, Op.15 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
158. Friedberger, Emil Streichquartett, D dur downloaded
159. Damrosch, Walter The scarlet letter downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
160. Butting, Max Viertes Streichquartett, cis-moll, Op. 20 downloaded. note: date is IIRC n.d.(1920-something) from HMB not 191x
161. Peters, Rudolf Quartett in A moll für 2 Violinen, Bratsche und Violoncell, Op. 8 downloaded
162. Hausegger, Siegmund von Aufklänge : Symphonische Variationen über ein Kinderlied downloaded
163. Bach, Johann Sebastian Klavierwerke (B&H 1890s) vols.1,2,4-9,14,15,18,20,22
164. Korngold, Erich Wolfgang Aus der Musik zu Viel Larmen um Nichts : op. 11 : fur Klavier other source uploaded
165. Liszt, Franz Musikalische Werke (B&H 1908-26) all on imslp
166. Grant-Schaefer, G. A. Tales of the red man : for pianoforte downloaded
167. Czerny, Carl The school of velocity : for the piano, op. 299 downloaded
168. Damrosch, Walter The dove of peace
downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
169. Winner, Septimus Party dances for violin and piano downloaded
170. Damrosch, Walter Cyrano downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
171. Lortzing, Albert Die Opernprobe downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
172. Marx, Joseph Columbine downloaded
173. Smyth, Ethel String quartet E minor parts downloaded
174. Kelley, Edgar Stillman The pilgrim's progress
175. Various The Artistic cellist vol.1 downloaded
176. Bloch, Ernest Suite for viola and piano, or orchestra downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
177. Friml, Rudolf High jinks downloaded
178. Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel The death of Minnehaha downloaded
179. Martucci, Giuseppe Novelletta, op.82, per orchestra downloaded
180. Purcell, Henry The Gordian Knot Untied, ste 1 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
181. Purcell, Henry The Gordian Knot Untied, ste 2 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
182. Peterson, Clara Gottschalk Creole songs from New Orleans in the Negro-dialect downloaded
183. Tausig, Carl Daily studies for the piano downloaded
184. Evans, David The coming of Arthur downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
185. Chopin, Frédéric Complete works for the piano (Mikuli) 15 vols all on imslp
186. Chopin, Frédéric Miscellaneous compositions for the piano (Joseffy) downloaded
187. Douglas, Ernest Finale downloaded
188. Alkan, Charles-Valentin Benedictus : pour piano à clavier de pédales, op. 54 downloaded
189. Various Educational series of Russian music for piano vols.1-4,6 downloaded
190. Bonnet, Joseph Ariel downloaded
191. Adams, Thomas Overture in C minor and major downloaded
192. Flagler, Isaac Van Vleck Variations on an American air downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
193. Various Romantic preludes and studies for piano downloaded
194. Liszt, Franz Franz Liszt album downloaded
195. Various Collection of Italian overtures for piano four hands vol.1 of 2 downloaded
196. Rubinstein, Anton The tower of Babel downloaded
197. Cadman, Charles Wakefield Album of Songs downloaded
198. Clough-Leighter, H. Christ triumphant downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
199. German, Edward The Just so song book downloaded
200. Grieg, Edvard Klavierwerke (CF Peters) 3 vols. downloaded
201. Chopin, Frédéric Compositions for the piano vols.1,2,6-8 downloaded?
202. Brahms, Johannes Klavier-Werke (Sauer)
2 vols. downloaded
203. Fenner, Thomas Putnam Cabin and plantation songs downloaded
204. Willeke, Willem Willeke's violoncello collection 2 vols. downloaded
205. Rubinstein, Anton Selected pieces for pianoforte downloaded
206. Goldmark, Carl Merlin downloaded
207. Franck, César Violin Sonata
208. Holst, Gustav Christmas Day downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
209. Various The world's best music vols.2-10 downloaded
210. Various Famous composers and their music 16 vols downloaded
211. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix Complete Works Kalmus reprint min. scores all on imslp
212. Ketèlbey, Albert W. In a monastery garden downloaded
213. Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel Valse suite: Three-fours; piano downloaded
214. Dargomyzhski, Aleksandr Sergeevich Rusalka downloaded
215. Various Classic trios downloaded
216. Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel Six Negro melodies downloaded
217. Lazarus, Henry Three grand concert duets : for two clarinets downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
218. Lazarus, Henry Three grand artistic duets downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
219. Macdougall, Hamilton Crawford Dramatic pedal studies for the organ downloaded
220. Mulet, Henri Esquisses byzantines
221. Various Slave songs of the United States downloaded
222. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix Chamber music vol.1 of 2 downloaded
223. Pompecki, Bernhard Jagd- und waldhornschule downloaded
224. Coerne, Louis Adolphe The landing of the pilgrims downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
225. Root, George F. David, the shepherd boy downloaded
226. Various Famous composers and their music vol.10
227. Various Famous composers and their music vols.2,5-7,9-12 downloaded (vol.5)
228. Whiting, Arthur A cycle of old Irish melodies for four solo voices downloaded
229. Wagner, Richard Siegfried. Grosse fantasie, bearbeitet von A. Seidel downloaded
230. Farrenc, Aristide Le trésor des pianistes vols.1-4,6,7,13-18,21-23 downloaded
231. Oberthür, Charles A fairy frolic downloaded
232. Coerne, Louis Adolphe Song of Victory downloaded
233. Straus, Oscar The chocolate soldier downloaded
234. Garnett, Louise Ayers A forest Rondo downloaded
235. Wagner, Richard Wagner album : Twenty pieces for piano downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
236. Various Internationales Volksliederbuch downloaded
237. Oberthür, Charles Cantatas downloaded
238. Haesche, William Edwin Forest idyl; tone-poem for orchestra downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
239. Schelling, Ernest Légende symphonique pour grand orchestre downloaded
240. Novák, Vítezslav In the Tatras : op. 26 downloaded
241. Foerster, Adolph M. Festival march, op. 32 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
242. Gotthard, J. P. Messe in F für Soli, Chor u. grosses Orchester. Op. 66 downloaded
243. Tompkins, George From the Far East : six oriental pictures for the pianoforte downloaded
244. Krogmann, C. W. Six tone poems : for piano : opus 72 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
245. Bruch, Max Die Birken und die Erlen, Op.8 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
246. Various Collection of music arranged for violin and piano downloaded
247. André, Johann Anton Grosse sinfonie (sym.6 Op.25) downloaded (incom. parts @ IMSLP)
248. Hofmann, Heinrich Drei Characterstücke für Orchester. Op. 15 downloaded
249. Oberthür, Charles Vorspiel für grosses Orchester zu Carl Kösting's dramatischen Gedicht "Shakespeare," ein Winternachstraum. Op. 210. downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
250. Joachim, Joseph Cadenzen zu L. van Beethoven's Violin-Concert downloaded
251. De Lamarter, Eric Concerto for organ in E major downloaded
252. Davidov, Karl Die gaben des terek, Op.21 downloaded
253. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix Werke lots all on imslp
254. Keussler, Gerhard von Die Mutter : ein Marien-Oratorium downloaded
255. Cools, Eugène Poème : pour piano et orchestre downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
256. Cramer, J. B. Selected Works 3vol. in 1 downloaded
257. Frederick II, King of Prussia Musikalische Werke downloaded
258. Carpenter, John Alden Violin Sonata downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
259. Czerny, Carl Sonate für das Piano-Forte. Op. 124 downloaded
260. Wellesz, Egon Eklogen downloaded
261. Vaughan Williams, Ralph Alla sarabanda : from Phantasy quintet arr.
262. Burlin, Natalie Curtis Negro folk-songs. Books 1-4 vol.1 & 3
263. Klengel, August Alexander Canons et fugues downloaded
264. Chopin, Frédéric Waltzes (Klindworth) downloaded
265. Chopin, Frédéric Polonaises (Scholtz)
266. Powell, John In the South, Op.16 downloaded
267. Yon, Pietro A. The infant Jesus : pastorale : op. 105 downloaded
268. Stoessel, Albert Humoresque, Op.8 no.2 downloaded
269. Stoessel, Albert The technic of the baton this is the score
270. Schelling, Ernest A victory ball downloaded
271. Brahms, Johannes Variationen über ein Thema von Jos. Haydn : Op. 56a downloaded
272. Boyle, George The pied piper of Hamelin downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
273. Wagner, Richard Gesang der Rheintöchter aus dem Music-Drama Götterdämmerung von Richard Wagner für Orchester zum Concertvortrag bearbeitet von H. Zumpe. downloaded
274. De Lamarter, Eric Sing we to our God downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
275. Wagner, Richard Ein albumblatt arr. downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
276. Henschel, George 50 songs downloaded
277. Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg Instrumentalwerke downloaded
278. Bridge, Frank A Prayer downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
279. Liszt, Franz Oeuvres de piano downloaded
280. Various songs downloaded
281. De Koven, Reginald The Fencing Master downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
282. Haydn, Joseph Symphonies arr. piano (Horn) downloaded
283. David, Ferdinand Die hohe Schule des Violinspiels 2vol. plus part downloaded
284. Schubert, Franz Duos for vln and piano (ed. David) downloaded
285. Beethoven, Ludwig van Musique de chambre pour piano seul vols.5-15 downloaded
286. Bessems, Antoine Trois duos pour deux violons. Op. 7 parts downloaded
287. Beethoven, Ludwig van Original-Kompositionen für Pianoforte zu 4 Händen downloaded
288. Rubinstein, Anton 5me trio, ut mineur, pour piano, violon et violoncelle. Op. 108 downloaded
289. Rubinstein, Anton 2 Trios für Piano, Violine und Violoncell, Op. 15 downloaded
290. Rubinstein, Anton 3ieme trio, B dur, pour piano, violon et violoncelle, op. 52 downloaded
291. Rubinstein, Anton 4eme trio pour piano, violon et violoncello, op. 85 downloaded
292. Liszt, Franz Orgelkompositionen 2vols. downloaded
293. Bruch, Max 8 Pieces, Op.83 badly marked up
294. Amberg, Johan Suite pour flûte, hautbois et clarinette (en si bémol) avec piano downloaded
295. Beethoven, Ludwig van Piano Trios (Schirmer) vols.3,4,6,7 downloaded
296. Loth, L. Leslie Five poetic sketches for trio study for piano, violin and violoncello PD-US downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
297. Ireland, John Trio, no. 2, in one movement downloaded
298. Ireland, John The land of lost content downloaded
299. La Tombelle, F. de Suite for 3 cellos downloaded
300. Flégier, Ange Trio pour hautbois, clarinette et basson downloaded
301. Hennessy, Swan Trio, Op.54 downloaded
302. Goossens, Eugene Two sketches for string quartet, Op.15 downloaded
303. Glazunov, Aleksandr Konstantinovich Quatrième quatuor, en la, pour deux violons, alto et violoncelle, op. 64
304. Labey, Marcel Quatuor pour deux violons, alto et violoncelle. Op. 17 downloaded
305. Pizzetti, Ildebrando Quartetto in la maggiore, per 2 violini, viola e violoncello downloaded
306. Duvernoy, Jean Baptiste Piano ʹecole de mécanisme : op. 120 downloaded
307. Paray, Paul Quatuor pour deux violons, alto et violoncelle downloaded
308. Gambaro, J. B. 10 caprices for clarinet, op. 9 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
309. Miessner, W. Otto Sonata, Excelsior, in E minor, piano solo, op. 10 downloaded
310. Various War songs downloaded
311. Pratt, Silas Gamaliel The triumph of Columbus downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
312. Strauss, Johann Gems of Strauss downloaded
313. Plaidy, Louis Technical studies for the piano downloaded
314. Jones, Edward Under a mask downloaded
315 Various Gems of the waltz downloaded
316. Pflueger, Carl 1492 downloaded
317. Griffes, Charles Tomlinson Sonata for piano 3 copies downloaded
318. Smetana, Bedřich Concert-étude op. 17 downloaded
319. Edwards, Julian Love's lottery downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
320. Klengel, August Alexander Canons et fugues downloaded
321. Kjerulf, Halfdan Selected pieces for pianoforte downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
322. Schütt, Eduard Carnaval Mignon : for the pianoforte, op. 48 downloaded
323. Field, John Second concerto pour le pianoforte downloaded
324. Holmès, Augusta Mary Anne Les sept ivresses downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
325. Audran, Edmond Indiana downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
326. Lindpaintner, Peter Joseph von Die sicilianische Vesper downloaded
327. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix Loreley, un unfinished opera
328. Nápravník, Eduard Frantsevich Dubrowsky. Oper in 4 Akten und 5 Bildern downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
329. D'Erlanger, Frederic A. Noël; drame lyrique en trois tableaux downloaded
330. Baumbach, Adolph The home treasure downloaded
331. Dubois, Théodore Suite pour flûte et piano : extraite des Poèmes virgiliens downloaded
332. Chaminade, Cécile Album of seventeen pieces for pianoforte downloaded
333. Various The Home circle 2 copies downloaded
334. Various The pianist's matinee downloaded
335. Various Neo-Russian piano music has Sternberg's "Modern Russian Piano Music" vol.1 downloaded
336. Kimball, Horace E. Organ Voluntaries vol.2 downloaded
337. Schubert, Franz Three sonatinas for violin and piano. Op. 137 downloaded
338. Brahms, Johannes Capriccios and intermezzos, op. 76 2 copies downloaded
339. Karg-Elert, Sigfrid Three pastels for organ, op. 92 downloaded
340. Foster, Stephen Collins The melodies of Stephen C. Foster downloaded
341. Foster, Stephen Collins Foster Hall reproductions only vol.3 pt.1 available downloaded
342. Various The amateur's musical library downloaded
343. Weber, Carl Maria von Concertstück, pieces and variations downloaded
344. Romberg, Bernhard Konzert für Violoncello, Opus 3 downloaded
345. Catelbarco, Cesare di Gran sinfonia a piena orchestra downloaded
346. Romberg, Bernhard Cello Concertos (ed./arr. Grützmacher) vols.1,2,6-9 downloaded
347. Haydn, Joseph Symphonies downloaded
348. Fenner, Thomas P.(arr.) Cabin and plantation songs, as sung by the Hampton students
1st ed?
3d ed.
349. Smetana, Bedřich Wallenstein's Lager downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
350. Bülow, Hans von Nirwana; symphonisches Stimmungsbild für grosses Orchester. Op. 20 downloaded
351. Goldmark, Carl "In Italien", ouverture für orchester, Op. 49 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
352. Lachner, Franz Suite No.4 downloaded
353. Paine, John Knowles Prelude to Oedipus Tyrannus incomplete downloaded
354. Goldmark, Carl Im Frühling, Op.36 downloaded / Sibley score uploaded
355. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix Ouverture zum Märchen von der schönen Melusine downloaded
356. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix Piano Concertos downloaded
357. Wolf-Ferrari, Ermanno Ouverture zur oper Susannens geheimnis downloaded
358. Wagner, Richard Finale zum 1. akt aus Lohengrin downloaded
359. Weber, Carl Maria von Oberon ouverture downloaded
360. Weber, Carl Maria von Ouvertures downloaded
361. Weber, Carl Maria von Jubel-ouverture downloaded
362. Weber, Carl Maria von Preciosa ouverture downloaded
363. Wagner, Richard Einleitung zum dritten akt der oper Lohengrin downloaded
364. Rice, Edward E. Evangeline downloaded
365. Schumann, Robert Ouverture, Scherzo und Finale für Orchester ... Op. 52 downloaded
366. Grieg, Edvard Drei orchesterstücke
367. Grieg, Edvard Altnorwegische Romanze mit Variationen. Op. 51 downloaded
368. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix The march of the priests from Athalie downloaded
369. Wüerst, Richard Ferdinand Russian suite for string orchestra with violin obligato ... Op. 81 downloaded
370. Getze, J. A. Getze's new method for the piano-forte downloaded
371. Wüllner, Franz Chorübungen der Münchener Musikschule downloaded
372. Palaschko, Johannes 12 studies for viola, op. 55 downloaded
373. Brahms, Johannes Ungarische Tänze von Johannes Brahms für grosses Orchester downloaded
374. Hünten, Franz F. Hünten's celebrated instructions for the piano-forte downloaded
375. Various Allgemeines deutsches Kommersbuch 1886 ed. downloaded
376. Various Allgemeines deutsches Kommersbuch downloaded
377. Various Commers-buch für den deutschen Studenten downloaded
378. Hatton, John Liptrot Songs and poems by Herrick, Ben Jonson and Sedley. downloaded
379. Millard, Harrison Silver threads of song. : A new singing book for schools, academies, seminaries and the home circle Have shortened title here. Includes an operetta and a charade by Millard, etc. downloaded
380. Winner, Septimus Winner's primary school for the flute; a thorough and complete course of instruction for the flute; written and arranged for self-instruction as well as for teachers's use. Containing full exercises and explanations, and a large collection of the new and popular melodies of the day downloaded
381. Ireland, John The forgotten rite, prelude downloaded
382. Ireland, John London Pieces vols.1&3 downloaded
383. Various Deutsches Liederbuch für amerikanische Studenten downloaded
384. Tufts, John Wheeler The Euterpean downloaded
385. Tufts, John Wheeler The Aoedean collection downloaded
386. Tufts, John Wheeler The Cecilian series of study and song downloaded
387. Various Clavieretüden downloaded
388. Miry, Karel Les deux soeurs downloaded
389. Miry, Karel Le concert de famille downloaded
390. Benoît, Peter De oorlog downloaded
391. Hiller, Ferdinand Die Zerstörung Jerusalems, Op.24 Sibley/SBB version uploaded
392. Sullivan, Arthur The light of the world downloaded
393. Dubois, Théodore Paradise lost downloaded
394. Molique, Bernhard Abraham : an oratorio. Op. 65 downloaded
395. Trowbridge, J. Eliot Paul the apostle downloaded
396. Tinel, Edgar Francis; oratorio Downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
397. Wolcott, John Truman Hezekiah; an oratorio, op. 11 downloaded
398. Vincent, Henry Bethuel The prodigal son downloaded
399. Ryelandt, Joseph Christus Rex; oratorio Ryelandt PD-US-only for now downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
400. Ryelandt, Joseph Maria, oratorio downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
401. Ryelandt, Joseph Purgatorium; oratorium grayscale missing downloaded
402. Leoni, Franco Golgotha downloaded
403. Various Masterpieces of piano music downloaded
404. Ryelandt, Joseph Agnus Dei; oratorio downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
405. Bossi, Marco Enrico Paradise lost downloaded
406. Bossi, Marco Enrico Johanna d'Arc downloaded
407. Bossi, Marco Enrico Prologue and finale from Paradise lost redundant see 505
408. Cadman, Charles Wakefield Four American Indian songs downloaded
409. Jordan, Jules Mass in F downloaded
410. O'Shea, John Augustine Mass in F major downloaded
411. Taubmann, Otto Eine Deutsche Messe downloaded
412. Taubmann, Otto Eine Deutsche Messe English
413. Silas, Edouard Mass for 4 voices and organ downloaded
414. Wingham, Thomas Mass (Regina coeli) in D major. Op. 14 downloaded
415. Brion d'Orgeval, Edouard Barthelemy Ivan IV et les porte-glaives downloaded
416. Herrmann, Eduard Thirty-nine violin études for the systematic study of double-stops vol.2 only downloaded
417. Singer, Edmund Daily studies : for developing flexibility and independence in fingering downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
418. Tinel, Edgar Te Deum downloaded
419. Andrews, Mark Galilee. A sacred cantata downloaded
420. Armes, Philip St. John the evangelist downloaded
421. Blodgett, Benjamin Colman The prodigal son; a scriptural cantata. Op. 32 downloaded
422. Boulanger, Lili Cortège : piano et violon downloaded
423. Coombs, Charles Whitney The Ancient of Days downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
424. Coombs, Charles Whitney Hymn of peace downloaded
425. Coombs, Charles Whitney The vision of St. John downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
426. Diemer, Philip Henry Bethany; a sacred cantata downloaded
427. Clough-Leighter, H. Recessional; a Victorian ode downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
428. Clough-Leighter, H. The Christ of the Andes. Op. 64 other source uploaded
429. Sowerby, Leo Quartet for strings : Serenade in G major score/pts downloaded
430. Edwards, Julian The Redeemer; sacred cantata downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
431. Reiser, Alois Quartet for strings, Op. 16 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
432. Goodrich, Wallace Ave Maria downloaded
433. Garrett, George Mursell The Shunammite downloaded
434. Gray, Alan A song of redemption downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
435. Goetz, Hermann By the waters of Babylon
436. Riemann, Hugo Musik-Lexikon 1922 ed. downloaded
437. Jansa, Leopold Concertino : violin and piano, D major, op. 54 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
438. Ritter, E.W. Scale and chord exercises for the violin downloaded
439. Schelling, Ernest The Oxford piano course downloaded
440. Bridge, Frank String Quartet No.1 in e downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
441. Hess, Ludwig Love Immortal downloaded
442. Hofmann, Heinrich Cantata, Op.64 downloaded
443. Jordan, Jules A Night Service downloaded
444. Marks, James Christopher Victory Divine downloaded
445. Manney, Charles Fonteyn The Manger Throne, Op.9 downloaded
446. Burnap, Uzziah Cicero Anthems of the church downloaded
447. Gevaert, F. A. Super flumina Babylinis downloaded
448. Herman, Reinhold Ludwig Song of the virgins, Op.47 downloaded
449. Nembach, A. The 30th Psalm downloaded
450. Macfarlane, William Charles The message from the cross downloaded
451. Penfield, Smith Newell The 18th Psalm downloaded
452. Moffat, Alfred Dances of the olden time downloaded
453. Schnecker, Peter August The fatherhood of God downloaded
454. Stanley, Albert A. A psalm of victory downloaded
455. Spross, Charles Gilbert Word of God downloaded
456. Wolcott, John Truman The message eternal downloaded
457. Woodman, Raymond Huntington The way of penitence downloaded
458. Röntgen, Julius Nederlandsche dansen v.27 only downloaded
459. Bennett, William Sterndale Four sacred duets for soprano voices downloaded
460. Röntgen, Julius Oud hollandsche boerenliedjes v.33 & 36 only
461. Röntgen, Julius; etc. Oud-nederlandsche klaviermuziek downloaded
462. Rogers, James H. The Man of Nazareth downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
463. Wolcott, John Truman The dawn of the kingdom downloaded
464. Reed, William The message of the angels downloaded
465. Otis, Philo Adams Wondrous words of love downloaded
466. Oechsner, A. Stabat mater, Op.35 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
467. Nunn, Edward Cuthbert Via dolorosa downloaded
468. Grieg, Edvard Zwei elegische Melodien downloaded
469. Grieg, Edvard Zwei Melodien für Streichorchester downloaded
470. Langey, Otto Ditson's music for the photoplay 14 parts downloaded
471. Palladino, G. V., ed. Album of piano music by modern Italian composers 2 vols. downloaded
472. Chaminade, Cécile Serenade espagnole arr. Kreisler downloaded
473. Levy, Ellis The ghost dance, Op.16 downloaded
474. MacMillen, Francis Barcarole downloaded
475. Gomes, Carlos Salvator Rosa downloaded
476. Genée, Richard Die letzten Mohikaner downloaded
477. Winner, Septimus Musical present for the organ or piano this is the score
478. Mendelssohn, Arnold Pandora downloaded
479. Rheinberger, Josef Die 7 Raben downloaded
480. Pachelbel, Johann Klavierwerke downloaded
481. Mulet, Henri Thou art the rock downloaded
482. Weil, Oscar The seven old ladies of Lavender Town downloaded
483. Schubert, Franz Unfinished Sym arr. for violin/piano 2 copies downloaded
484. Wagner, Richard Brautlied Chor downloaded
485. Riemann, Hugo (ed) Mannheimer Kammermusik des 18. Jahrhunderts yr.16 only downloaded
486. Wagner, Richard Feierlicher zug zum Münster zum Lohengrin downloaded
487. Rheinberger, Josef Clarice of Eberstein downloaded
488. Wagner, Richard Waldweben : aus dem Musik-Drama Siegfried 2 copies downloaded
489. Wagner, Richard Siegmund's Liebeslied downloaded
490. Monn, Matthias Georg Konzert für Violoncell, G moll arr. Schoenberg downloaded
491. Wagner, Richard Der Venusberg (Bacchanale) downloaded
492. Lodge, John Ellerton Aeschylus: Agamemnon also has this. Not to be confused with John Lodge Ellerton. downloaded
493. Grieg, Edvard Scenen aus Olav Trygvason, Op.50 downloaded
494. Skilton, Charles Sanford Music to the Electra of Sophocles First 3 scenes so far downloaded/uploaded to IMSLP downloaded
495. Davies, Walford Hervé Riel downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
496. Dear, James R. The leap of Kurroglou downloaded
497. Burmester, Willy Pieces by old masters vols.1-5 downloaded
498. Clutsam, George H. The quest of Rapunzel downloaded
499. Dvořák, Antonín The American flag, Op.102 downloaded
500. Duvernoy, Alphonse La tempête downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
501. Fried, Oska The drunken song downloaded
502. Hol, Richard De vliegende Hollander downloaded
503. Leoni, Franco The Gate of Life downloaded
504. Mills, Charles Henry Ode to St. Cecilia downloaded
505. Mathieu, Émile Louis Victor Le Hoyoux; poème lyrique et symphonique downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
506. Hofmann, Heinrich Das Märchen von der schönen Melusine downloaded
507. Macfarren, G. A. Outward bound fixed? downloaded
508. Wieniawski, Henri Violin Concerto No.2-Lichtenberg
downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP (UM copy)
509. Klosé, Hyacinthe Celebrated method for the clarinet vol.1 downloaded
510. Baermann, Carl Complete celebrated method for clarinet different scan than 004918131? downloaded
511. Patton, Willard Usona downloaded
512. Pommer, William Henry Cupid in Arcady downloaded
513. Kroeger, Ernest R. A masque of dead Florentines downloaded
514. Mathieu, Émile Louis Victor Freyhir; poëme lyrique et symphonique downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
515. Read, J. F. H. Caractacus downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
516. Pease, Frederick H. The old clock on the stairs downloaded
517. Pinsuti, Ciro Phantoms downloaded
518. Gade, Niels W. Psyche, Op.60 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
519. Lynes, Frank The curfew bell downloaded
520. Gevaert, F. A. Jakob van Artevelde; Feestkantate downloaded
521. Arnott, Archilbald Davidson The ballad of Carmilhan downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
522. Bantock, Granville Omar Khayyám vol.1 only downloaded
523. Bath, Hubert The wedding of Shon Maclean 2 copies downloaded
524. Becker, Julius Columbus, Op.42 downloaded
525. Read, J. F. H. Homeward bound downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
526. Read, J. F. H. The consecration of the banner downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
527. Busch, Carl Paul Revere's ride downloaded
528. Busch, Carl The four winds downloaded
529. Gladstone, Francis Edward Constance of Calais downloaded
530. Bantock, Granville The Time Spirit downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
531. Read, J. F. H. Psyche; a dramatic cantata downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
532. Tinel, Edgar De klokke Roeland, Op.17 downloaded
533. Vogrich, Max The Diver downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
534. Thomas, A. Goring The swan and the skylark downloaded
535. Surette, Thomas Whitney The eve of Saint Agnes downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
536. Bruch, Max Normannenzug, Op.32 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
537. Hammond, William G. Lochinvar downloaded
538. Skilton, Charles Sanford The witch's daughter downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
539. Hofmann, Heinrich Nornengesang, Op.21 Downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
540. Shepherd, Arthur The city in the sea Downloaded
541. Somervell, Arthur Ode to the sea Downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
542. Smart, Henry Thomas The bride of Dunkerron Downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
543. Hammond, William G. A ballad of Lorraine Downloaded
544. Dunhill, Thomas F. Sea fairies Downloaded
545. Wood, Charles Ode to the west wind, Op.3 Downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
546. Ware, Harriet Sir Oluf Downloaded
547. Stainer, John Harold Glynde Downloaded
548. Thomas, A. Goring The sun-worshippers Downloaded
549. Busch, Carl The Lady of Shalott Downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
550. Gaul, Alfred R. The Months Downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
551. Forsyth, Cecil In Old Japan Downloaded
552. Fox, George Golden treasures Downloaded
553. Forsyth, Cecil Mr. Alphabet's holiday Downloaded
554. Stanley, Albert A. City of freedom Downloaded
555. Sachs, Edward King cups Downloaded
556. Spross, Charles Gilbert Our Colors Downloaded
557. Clough-Leighter, H. Across the fields to Anne Downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
558. Pitt, Percy Hohenlinden Downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
559. Graham, A. Cyril The piper of Hamelin Downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
560. Richter, E. F. Zwei Gedichte Downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
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562. Delibes, Leo Mélodies 2vols. downloaded
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564. Cornelius, Peter Neue Lieder und Duette 2 copies/3vols. downloaded
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566. Scott, Cyril Pastoral suite downloaded
567. Philipp, Isidore Complete school of technic for the pianoforte downloaded
568. Bower, Harry A. The Bower system for percussion vol.1 of 3 only downloaded
569. Salomon, Hector Vingt mélodies downloaded
570. Deppe, Ludwig Sechs Chor-Lieder downloaded
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572. Dvořák, Antonín Suite für das Orchester, Op. 39 downloaded
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574. Ireland, John Marigold downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
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577. Ries, Franz Song album downloaded
578. Rubinstein, Anton Song album downloaded
579. Rubinstein, Anton Anton Rubinstein's vocal album downloaded
580. Mathieu, Émile Louis Victor Six ballades de Goethe, deuxième suite downloaded
581. Scott, Cyril Danse nègre, Op.58 No.5 downloaded
582. Pischna, Johann Technical Studies downloaded
583. Oberhoffer, Heinrich Die Schule des katholischen Organisten downloaded
584. Beethoven, Ludwig van Symphonies for piano 4-hands 2vols. downloaded
585. Dvořák, Antonín St. Ludmilla, Op.71 English downloaded
586. Lassen, Eduard Song Album 2vols. downloaded
587. Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg 12 Trios arr. for organ downloaded
588. Czerny, Carl The school of velocity, Op.299 downloaded
589. Carl, William Crane Master-studies for the organ downloaded
590. Emery, Stephen Albert Head and hands. Fundamental techniques for the pianoforte, Op.37 downloaded/LOC scan uploaded
591. Quilter, Roger To Julia : six lyrics of Robert Herrick, Op.8 downloaded
592. Germer, Heinrich The technics of pianoforte-playing [and] Musical ornamentation, op.28 downloaded
593. Nilson, L. A system of technical studies in pedal playing for the organ downloaded
594. Ferrata, Giuseppe Suite for violin and piano downloaded
595. Schumann, Robert Robert Schumann's Werke lots but inc. all on imslp
596. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix Motettenm Kirchenmusik für Chor mit Orgelbegleitung und für Chor a capella vol.1 of 2 only downloaded
597. Hiller, Ferdinand Pfingsten: Gedicht von Immergrün für Chor und Orchester, Op.119 downloaded
598. Zundel, John The modern school for the organ downloaded
599. Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg Instrumentalwerke / Bearb. von Oskar Kapp already have?
600. Drdla, Franz Tarantella, Op.27 No.2 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
601. Schubert, Franz Werke lots but inc. all on imslp
602. Beethoven, Ludwig van Werke. Vollständige kritisch durchgesehene überall berechtigte Ausg. lots appears complete all on imslp
603. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Werke. Kritisch durchgesehene Gesammtausgabe lots but inc.
604. Mazas, F. Seventy-five melodious and progressive studies for the violin, op. 36 vol.3 of 3 only downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
605. Kempter, Lothar Capriccio, für Flöte und Klavier, Op. 32 downloaded
606. Paganini, Nicolò Violin Conc. No.2 arr. Wilhelmj downloaded
607. Fauré, Gabriel Barcarolles, Impromptus, Nocturnes downloaded
608. Gallon, Noël Suite pour flûte et piano PD-US only downloaded
609. Sowerby, Leo Rejoice, ye pure in heart : choral prelude for the organ PD-US only downloaded
610. Paderewski, Ignace Jan Manru : an opera in three acts downloaded
611. Vieuxtemps, Henri Violin Conc. No.1, Op.10 arr./ed. Arbos downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
612. Vieuxtemps, Henri Sechs Konzert-Etüden, für Violine, Opus 16 downloaded
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614. Orem, Preston Ware The Organ player downloaded
615. Liszt, Franz Spanish rhapsody arr. Busoni downloaded
616. Carl, William Crane ed. Master-pieces for the organ downloaded
617. Vincent, Charles 50 Shakespeare Songs for low voice downloaded
618. Holmès, Augusta Mary Anne Chant du cavalier downloaded
619. Schumann, Clara Piano Trio downloaded
620. Kralik, Mathilde von Vier Melodramen downloaded
621. Carpenter, John Alden 2 Night Songs downloaded
622. Gaul, Alfred R. Joan of Arc, cantata downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
623. Busser, Henri Variations en ré bémol pour cornet à pistons en si♭ avec accompt. de piano, op. 53 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
624. Damm, Gustav Piano School downloaded
625. Esplá, Oscar Violin sonata, Op.9 downloaded
626. Zeckwer, Camille W. The mischianza, Op.34 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
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630. Mulet, Henri Esquisses byzantines downloaded
631. Patusset, Alfred Caprice à la hongroise downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
632. Bridge, Frederick, Sir Callirhoë: a legend of Calydon downloaded
633. Simandl, Franz New method for the double bass PD-US only(?) downloaded
634. Various The World's best music vols.1,6,7,8 only downloaded (vol.1) see no.209
635. Haydn, Joseph 12 symphonies arr. p4h Ulrich vol.1 of 2 only downloaded
636. Vieuxtemps, Henri Violin Concerto No.4, Op.31 arr. Wilhelmj downloaded
637. Douglas, Ernest 3 Wedding Marches for organ downloaded
638. Ganz, Rudolph Scherzino, Op.29 No.2 PD-US only downloaded
639. Toch, Ernst String Quartet, Op.18
parts-PD-US only
min. score-PD-US only
downloaded/UMich parts uploaded to IMSLP
640. Sowerby, Leo Suite, for violin and piano downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
641. Grasse, Edwin In a Rowboat downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
642. Marx, Joseph Wei einst PD-US downloaded
643. Marx, Joseph Lieder für hohe Stimme und Klavier PD-US downloaded
644. Marx, Joseph Marienlied PD-US downloaded
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647. Bloch, Ernest Psaumes 137 et 114 PD-US (translator) downloaded
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655. Moszkowski, Moritz Piano Concerto, Op.59 (2pn) 2 copies other source uploaded
656. Gardner, Samuel Five preludes for violin and piano, op. 14 PD-US downloaded
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660. Beethoven, Ludwig van Piano Trio, Op.70 No.2 downloaded
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662. Moszkowski, Moritz École des doubles-notes : pour piano, op. 64 downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
663. Czerny, Carl The art of finger dexterity, Op.740 downloaded
664. Guiraud, Ernest Allegro de concert downloaded
665. Dupré, Marcel Trois préludes et fugues, pour grand orgue PD-US downloaded
666. Joseffy, Rafael At the spring = An der Quelle downloaded
667. Hiller, Ferdinand Piano Concerto, Op.69 arr. 2pn by Joseffy downloaded
668. Blumenstengel, A. 24 Violin Studies, Op.33 downloaded
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673. Popper, David Papillon = Maskenball Scene, Op.3 No.4 downloaded
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675. Kreisler, Fritz Farewell to Cucullain downloaded
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677. Baermann, Carl Clarinet School Div. 3(O.Schubert ed.) downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
678. Dancla, Charles Six petits airs variés, Op.89 downloaded
679. Dancla, Charles Twelve easy fantasies on celebrated melodies, Op.86 downloaded
680. Alard, Jean Delphin Alard's complete conservatory method for the violin downloaded
681. Alard, Jean Delphin Le sourire = The smile : scherzando downloaded
682. Dancla, Charles Six petits airs variés, Op.89 different ed. from 678 downloaded
683. Fiorillo, Federigo Thirty-six etudes or caprices, for violin downloaded
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685. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix Organ works 2 copies downloaded
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688. Hoffman, Richard La gazelle : andante élégant
689. Schmitt, Florent Mirages, Op.70 vol.2 of 2 only downloaded
690. Kœchlin, Charles String Quartet No.1 downloaded
691. Hüe, Georges Adolphe Fantaisie pour flûte et orchestre downloaded
692. Kramer, A. Walter Entr'acte, op. 46, no. 2 PD-US downloaded
693. Hermann, Friedrich Violin School vol.2 of 2 only downloaded
694. Orth, John Staccato brillant : op. 8, no. 4 downloaded
695. Ševčík, O. School Bowing, Op.2 vol.1 only downloaded
696. Sitt, Hans Studies for the violin, op. 32. Book II downloaded
697. Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay Fantaisie de concert, sur des thèmes russes, op.33 (Auer ed) downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
698. Saenger, Gustav The violinist's daily companion downloaded
699. Masson, Louis Valse lente for flute and piano downloaded
700. Schumann, Robert Violin Sonatas, Opp.105 and 121 (F. Hermann ed) downloaded
701. Liszt, Franz Piano Concerto No.1, arr. 2 pianos (Joseffy) 2 copies downloaded
702. Masson, Louis Andante for flute and piano downloaded
703. Grieg, Edvard Lyric Pieces, Op.43 downloaded
704. Brüll, Ignaz Das goldene Kreuz Internet Archive score
705. Guilmant, Alexandre Allegro, op. 81, für Orgel und Orchester downloaded
706. Slama, Anton 66 etudes in all major and minor keys for trombone, tuba, bassoon, string bass downloaded
707. Brüll, Ignaz Serenade, Op.36 pno4h UM score uploaded by Hp
708. Brüll, Ignaz Dritte Serenade, Op.67 3d mvt pno4h redundant
709. Brüll, Ignaz Violin Sonata, Op.97 UM score uploaded by Hp
710. Brüll, Ignaz Serenade, Op.29 pno4h UM score uploaded by Hp
711. Brüll, Ignaz Schach dem König! UM score uploaded by Hp
712. Brüll, Ignaz Songs, Op.43 UM score uploaded by Hp
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714. Brüll, Ignaz Ländliches Frühlingslied, Op. 62, No. 3 UM score uploaded by Hp
715. Brüll, Ignaz Gondoliera : Op. 62, No. 4 UM score uploaded by Hp
716. Brüll, Ignaz Herab von den Bergen, Op. 63, No. 4 UM score uploaded by Hp
717. Brüll, Ignaz Sechse, sieben oder acht : für Tenor mit Begleitung des Pianoforte : Op. 85, II downloaded
718. Brüll, Ignaz Sechse, sieben oder acht : für Bariton mit Begleitung des Pianoforte : Op. 85, II UM score uploaded by Hp
719. Brüll, Ignaz Sechs Duette mit Klavierbegleitung, Opp. 74, Op. 75 2 vols UM score uploaded by Hp
720. Brüll, Ignaz Walzer für Frauenchor und Orchester, Op. 91 UM score uploaded by Hp
721. Brüll, Ignaz Cadenz zum ersten und letzten Satz des Clavier Concertes, Op. 58 in G dur von L. van Beethoven downloaded / uploaded to IMSLP
722. Brüll, Ignaz 2tes Potpourri aus der Oper, Der Landfriede UM score uploaded by Hp
723. Brüll, Ignaz Cyclus toscanischer Lieder : für gemischten Chor, Tenor- und Sopran-Solo, Op.22 UM score uploaded by Hp
724. Brüll, Ignaz Symphony, Op.31 pn4h UM score uploaded by Hp
725. Brüll, Ignaz Fackeltanz: aus der Oper Der Landfriede UM score uploaded by Hp
726. Brüll, Ignaz Fehler u. Änderungen in Concertstück, Op. 88 downloaded
727. Brüll, Ignaz Rhapsodie für Pianoforte mit Orchesterbegleitung, Op. 65 (2pnarr) UM score uploaded by Hp
728. Brüll, Ignaz Zweite Suite für Pianoforte, Op. 71 UM score uploaded by Hp
729. Brüll, Ignaz Bretonische Melodien UM score uploaded by Hp
730. Brüll, Ignaz Piano Concerto, Op.10 arr pnsolo UM score uploaded by Hp
731. Brüll, Ignaz Piano Trio, Op.14 UM score uploaded by Hp
732. Brüll, Ignaz Zwei Scherzi, für Pianoforte, Op. 20 UM score uploaded by Hp
733. Brüll, Ignaz Suite für Violine mit Klavierbegleitung, Op. 42 UM score uploaded by Hp
734. Brüll, Ignaz Drei Klavierstücke, Op. 11 UM score uploaded by Hp
735. Brüll, Ignaz Scène espagnole, Op. 90, No. 1 UM score uploaded by Hp
736. Brüll, Ignaz Piano Concerto No.2, Op.24 arr. 2pnos UM score uploaded by Hp
737. Brüll, Ignaz Mazurka für Pianoforte, Op. 35 #2 UM score uploaded by Hp
738. Brüll, Ignaz Kleine Studie : für das Pianoforte : Op. 44, No. 2 UM score uploaded by Hp
739. Brüll, Ignaz Drei Clavierstücke (Op.3) UM score uploaded by Hp
740. Brüll, Ignaz Drei Klavierstücke, Op. 13 UM score uploaded by Hp
741. Brüll, Ignaz Drei Klavierstücke, Op. 28 UM score uploaded by Hp
742. Brüll, Ignaz Impromptu für das Pianoforte, Op. 37, No. 1 UM score uploaded by Hp
743. Brüll, Ignaz 6 Clavierstücke, Op. 38 UM score uploaded by Hp
744. Brüll, Ignaz Concert für die Violine mit Begleitung des Orchesters, Op. 41 UM score uploaded by Hp
745. Brüll, Ignaz Drei Klavierstücke : Op. 11 UM score uploaded by Hp
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747. Brüll, Ignaz Mazurka, Op. 90, No. 2 UM score uploaded by Hp
748. Brüll, Ignaz Dritte Suite für Pianoforte, Op. 76 UM score uploaded by Hp
749. Brüll, Ignaz Spanischer Tanz UM score uploaded by Hp
750. Brüll, Ignaz Valse-Impromptu : für das Pianoforte : Op. 44, No. 1 UM score uploaded by Hp
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different editions downloaded
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Text by G. Stommel. Seq. to Mozart's Zauberfl. 153pp
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composer 1877-1967, so PD-US-only until '18.
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as above
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Includes a movement from a C Reissiger mass eg
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