Standard Biography

Leanne Daharja Veitch's works have been described as "magical", delving into the "very essence of that which makes music great".

Her employment of "striking rhythms and unusual harmonies" bring colour and originality to her pieces, and her works are being performed regularly across the globe from South Africa to the United Kingdom to Mexico.

Her more popular works include Crescent Moon (performed 40+ times in over a dozen countries) and The Wheel of the Year (excerpts performed in over fifteen countries worldwide).

Veitch was born in 1970 in South Australia, and lives in Dunedin, New Zealand.

When not composing, she spends her time wrangling children, sheep and chickens on her small organic family farm.

Background and Interests

I spend a fair bit of my time writing music, especially during the winter months, when it gets increasingly difficult to step outside and actually get farm work and gardening done!

When not writing music, I write rather seedy novels, using a convenient pseudonym to deter the flack away from myself. I also do some local volunteer work, write a couple of rather notorious blogs, and spend a lot of time with my young kids.

Goals include learning to play the piano and finally achieving the acclaim I deserve for my skill as a virtuoso kazoo player.

Other hobbies include movies, watching Buffy over and over, and following Doctor Who.

Oh, and I detest Bach. Nuff said.