Greetings and welcome to my User page at IMSLP.

By trade I'm a translator and editor (copy and content) with a background in IT quality assurance and experience as a medical secretary and library circulation assistant. Subject matter expertise: Holocaust in particular and the Arts & Letters in general.

I attended UCLA in 1969-1976 and hold a B.A. degree in English literature. In 1984 I relocated to Israel to live on a kibbutz which privatized in 1998. For 16 years I've worked in the Archives and Museum division of the Ghetto Fighters' House - Holocaust and Jewish Resistance heritage center for education, commemoration and research, located in the Western Galilee.

I'm a seasoned Wikipedia editor-contributor working primarily in the English and Hebrew projects and on the Commons. I'm an inclusionist on principle and try to work according to the rules of collaborative editing. You're welcome to approach me by PM on any of the above.

Cheers! Deborah