User:Donald j axel

Donald J. Axel holds a master (candidatus magisterii) in music and English, and I have worked as teacher and radio host in my earlier days. Since 1984, however, I have concentrated on computer-science which took off with the advent of home computers and personal computers, PCs, and I was greatly helped by a high-school degree ( in natural sciences (including math and physics of course).

I have been programming, lecturing and I have written course materials in computer science; now retired I edit and write for a small magazine for computer asscociation Danish Unix User Group and more.

I do not have a scanner. It is not that expensive now, but considering all the other expenses I have I may be in trouble.

I have inherited some very early editions of Kueffner, Simon and Carulli, and when scanned they may constitute first scans (I have not been able to locate scanned copies). Most of this is really minor interest, but nevertheless it should be here for people to see.

Originally I also had an early print score of a trio by Pleyel, but now it should be at the DKB (Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Royal Library, Danish research Library for musicology).

--Donald J. Axel 05:07, 23 August 2013 (EDT)