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==== Hello! I’m pianist, composer and conductor, and here I upload works of some italian composers: I have uploaded Giuseppe Verdi and some scores and arrangements of other composers like Tommaso Traetta. Now I’m rediscovering the works of the Italian composer Valerio Valeri (1790-1858). ====

===== Who I am

Emanuele Stracchi, born in 1990, is an italian pianist, composer and conductor. He graduated in Composition under the guidance of Rosario Mirigliano and Maurizio Gabrieli at the "Santa Cecilia" Conservatory of Rome. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano with honors from “Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali G.Briccialdi” in Terni, where he studied with both Maresa Gregorini and Carlo Guaitoli; in 2014 he also completed a Master’s Degree “cum laude” in Piano Performance, with a thesis on Ligeti’s Musica Ricercata. He also studied harpsichord, Gregorian Chant and Conducting. In 2014, he also obtained a degree with full honors in Philosophy from the University of Roma Tre. After making his symphonic debut in 2013, with Rhapsody in Blue, he has performed a lot of piano recitals, also chamber music, and he has performed in masterclasses with Maria Grazia Bellocchio, Michele Marvulli, Jerome Rose, Bruno Canino, Boris Berman, Stefano Micheletti. Emanuele is noted for his wide repertoire, ranging from baroque to contemporary composers and jazz. He loves Gershwin and he’s an avid devotee of new music, he studies Ligeti, Berio, Kurtag, Stockhausen, Rota and premiering works of living composers as well as Gabriele Cosmi and Angelo Bruzzese. Emanuele has had much success in competitions: he won the Novecento Prize in the 2015 International Music Competition “Luigi Nono” of Venaria Reale (Torino); recently winning 1st Prize in the Concorso “Città di Latina”, XIV Concorso Europeo Giovani Musicisti “Città di Viterbo – Premio Terme dei Papi”, 3° International Music Competition “Clivis” in Rome, in the “Young Performers” Competition of Accademia Musicale Pescarese, the 2nd Prize in the “Premio Pianistico Sergio Cafaro” and in the 6th International Competition “Young Academy Award 2016” in Rome. He is the author of essays and he is rediscovering the figure of italian composer Valerio Valeri (1790-1858). ‘'


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