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Welcome everyone! I'm Edward W. Guo, the creator and leader of IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library. But IMSLP is very much a group effort, so treat me as another member of the team when I'm on this site. Besides guiding the project (gently I hope) and resolving the occasional dispute, I am just like any other IMSLP contributor.

I'm also a 30 year old (b.1987) graduate of the New England Conservatory (B.M. in composition, 2008) and Harvard Law School (J.D., 2012). In addition to writing music, I have been accused of playing the violin and piano. Started the IMSLP on a cold winter day in my 18th year, and have enjoyed every step of the way.


Questions and comments about IMSLP in general, or any anything else that would make sense to post publicly, should be posted to the forums. Otherwise, e-mail:

Frequent Questions

Q: I have a question about my membership.
A: Please contact membership support at
Q: I cannot download a certain file from IMSLP (or, I need something that doesn't exist on IMSLP), can you send it to me?
A: If you cannot download it, or it doesn't exist on IMSLP, then I unfortunately don't have it either. If you would like to request a score to be added to IMSLP, please feel free to leave a message on the forums.
Q: Can I get permission to use a certain file on IMSLP?
A: IMSLP does not own any rights in any items available on the site, therefore we really have no permissions to give. While we believe you may use the files provided according to their stated copyright status on IMSLP, we cannot guarantee anything. You use the files on IMSLP entirely at your own risk, as stated in the disclaimer.

Note: Further questions and answers can be found on the FAQ page.

File Ratings Counter

I was just curious as to how many file ratings have been submitted in total, so I wrote this little extension which tells me:

Total number of ratings: 900604