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I am new to IMSLP. I am a devoted Brahms enthusiast and the creator of the Brahms Listening Guides website, which is in progress.

My first contributions will be completing the upload of the Peters Edition Brahms songs (high voice) from Variations Project at IU, as well as scanning obscure portions of the Breitkopf & Härtel Brahms Sämtliche Werke, beginning with volume 21, "Mehrstimmige Gesänge ohne Begleitung" (Choral and multi-voice works without accompaniment).

So I have changed my initial goals slightly. I'm still getting the Variations upload of high voice Brahms songs finished, but am also working with Piupianissimo in scanning the useful low voice editions. And I'm rethinking my approach to the Sämtliche Werke to begin filling in the holes by opus number.