Born in Spa (Belgium), Laurianne started playing violin at the age of six. She is currently a student of Eric Mélon at the Royal Conservatory of Liège. For the last four years Laurianne has been learning baroque violin with Stéphanie Défailly and Mira Glodeanu. She has played in orchestras under such conductors as Stefan Solyom and Jacques Mercier. Recently, she has collaborated with Leonardo Garcia Alarcon for a recording of “Ulisse nell’Isola di Circe”’, and with the “Ambronay Baroque Academy”.

比利时出生,六岁开始学习小提琴。曾有四年专修巴洛克小提琴,师从于Stephanie Defailly,Mira Gloduanu。 她与很多指挥大师合作,诸如Stefan Solyom,Jacques Mercier。近期她参与著名指 挥Leonardo Garcia灌制的“Ulisse Nell isola di Circe 唱片。并在Ambronay巴洛克音乐学院任教。