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Born 1956 in Munich (Germany) Classical Guitar: studies by Turibio Santos; Oscar Caceres; Gerard Rheyne, Betho Davezac; Dieter Kreidler and some more. Renaissance Lute: studies by Paul O`Dette and Hopkinson Smith Lute Duo Concerts with his friend Joachim during 1985-1994 (Germany only) Some Publikations at: Boosey & Hawkes; Ricordi; Syn-Classic, Red House Edition, Tree-Edition, Zimmermann Musikverlag Frankfurt and others. Composition: 1st and 2nd Price at the First International Competition for Chambermusic with guitar 1989 in Berlin. Since 2003 back to the roots - Painting. (

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Mein Dank geht an all diejenigen, die mit unermeßlichem Fleiß und Mühe die Übertragungen aus den Originalen bewerkstelligten.

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  8. Juan A. y Florenciano de Benito
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