Tom Ó Drisceoil (b.1986)

I'm a harpsichordist, organist, musicologist, music teacher and occasional composer from Cork, Ireland.

Completed an MA degree in performance at CIT Cork School of Music in 2012, which included an Erasmus term at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" at Leipzig. I graduated with a BMus degree from CSM in 2010, and I graduated from UCC in 2007 with a BA Degree. I have a particular interest in French and North German harpsichord music, and have lately been developing a serious interest in the music of Christoph Graupner, particularly the church cantatas. I am currently pursuing Doctoral research into the cantatas of Graupner at the University of Edinburgh.

I'm also an enthusiastic choral singer, and I sing tenor with Madrigal '75 Vocal Ensemble.

Current editing projects:
Critical editions of various cantatas and other pieces by Christoph Graupner.

  • Edition of Ein König der die Armen treulich richtet, GWV 1101/49 was posted in January 2017 (some proofreading still left to do), edition of Ach! meines Jammers und Herzeleids, GWV 1175/26b was posted in July 2016, editions of Nehmet das Wort an mit Sanftmut, GWV 1134/23, Unsers Herzens Freude hat ein Ende, GWV 1175/26a, Auf Zion! auf, ermuntre dich, GWV 1101/19, and Müssiggehn bringt keine Krone, GWV 1117/20 were posted in January 2016; edition of Wir haben einen Gott der da hilft, GWV 1165/24 was posted in October 2015; editions of Herr die Wasserströme erheben sich, GWV 1115/34, Ich esse nichts als Aschenbrot, GWV 1137/13, and Wir sind krank, GWV 1153/19 were posted in May 2015; and edition of Erbarm dich mein, o Herre Gott, GWV 1163/24 was posted in June 2014.
  • I'm currently preparing editions of Die Wasserwogen im Meer sind groß, GWV 1115/35, and Wir haben auch ein Osterlamm, GWV 1128/23. Next in the queue are Ich habe Lust abzuscheiden, GWV 1175/26c, Weht ihr Winde, GWV 1108/21, and Ziehet den alten Menschen, GWV 1101/42.

Miscellaneous projects:

  • Currently preparing an edition of Es ist besser niedriges Gemütes sein, RoemV 187 by Johann Theodor Roemhildt, including a reconstruction of the Soprano part of the first and last movements. The second movement, a soprano aria, is impossible to reconstruct due to missing text.
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