I have been a major supplier of scanned and 'cleaned' sheet music titles of music for violin and/or viola music up to three players, rarely, 4 or more.

"Google" ' IMSLP JDH ' or ' IMSLP John Howard ' for my contributions to IMSLP.

Larger in quantity are the contents of 5 cds sold on Ebay for under $10 each. See Each one represents 1 or more years of work, starting in 2004. If anyone would like to move these files to IMSLP, please let me know.

A few details about how I prepare most sheet music images: Software used: Adobe Photoshop 6, GIMP, Pdfill and Paint for Windows. When a file is split into individual pages, each page is improved by cleaning, straightening and letter-sizing. The sizing is done in such a way as to make the content as large as possible, or to make it as enlarge-able as possible without loss of content. To accomplish this, items like page numbers or plate numbers that are above or below the musical content are repositioned (sometimes, deleted) closer to the musical content (i.e., staves).