Jerald Franklin Archer (1964- )

Violinist-Fiddler, Composer and Private Music Tutor

Jerald Franklin Archer was born in Kentucky in 1964. Shortly afterwards he lived in Indianapolis, Indiana where he began to study the violin at the age of nine as part of an elementary school program. Later, in High School he studied privately with several symphonic violinists who prepared him for University studies. Mr. Archer later studied at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana as a Music Education major with a minor in violin performance. Here he also undertook personal studies in Theory and Composition as well as Folk Music studies, Authentic Baroque and Early Classical Performance and Music History.

After college, Mr. Archer began his professional career in performing with various bluegrass and country bands in Indianapolis as well as private concerts of Baroque and Early Classical Music for weddings, corporate affairs private functions and Holy Mass. He has won various awards for his violin playing. Other musical opportunities took him to Europe and various parts of the United States, including performing in Las Vegas and Nashville.

As a composer, he writes in the traditional classical style that employ Irish and Scottish folk styles, as well as Neo-Baroque and Neo-Classical period styled works.

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