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I am an amateur pianist interested in Romantic and Classical Piano music.


Have found that there was missing pages in Scherzo-Valse from "Dix Pièces Pittoresques" (by Chabrier). Corrected by another user.

Have found that there is a missing page in Clementi's Toccata. No problem any more.

Tremolo is the correct name of Gottschalk's etude. Not Tremelo... Corrected by Mcroskell.

Jongen, op 55 : Pages Intimes (and not Intimies)

Ilynsky, op 19 : La Journée d'une Petite Fille (and not Journeé)

Vieuxtemps, op 33 : Bouquet Américain, and not Boquet

And so on and so on and so on...