scoreexchange.comExample.jpg I was initially tutored in music theory and orchestration while in High School. I had the honor of having a great viola teacher, Miss Linda Edsel,and took music theory from the future Dr. Dale Hopper. I learned conducting by leading rehearsals.

 I was offered various scholarships to Baylor, Oberlin, and the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago. However;finances and family obligations kept my education to a minimum.
I studied with Doctors James P. Woodward at Southern Illinois University, and again many years later under Dr.'s David Feurzeig and Martha Horst. I continually composed while working in quality assurance ala' Charles Ives. It wasn't until health problems came that gave time to write all day. 
 I have had limited performances due to the difficulty of what I write and that is changing with more opportunities via the internet.